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Aha, we are back! This time its about two actors! The Next Big Things in bollywood! He is was the Dude! But then the Duds happened. Double duds! Had a dream debut and it was all going fine before Mr Cool thought he knew what film script was all about. Lets call him A.

A and actor B are great friends. Thats the general perception atleast, almost everywhere. They are in the same age group and gel well. Unlike A, B had a disastrous debut. But his work was appreciated and since then, he has been doing better. Working with some of the best filmmakers too.

Recently a filmmaker offered his film to both A and B without telling the other about it. What the filmmaker didnt know was that both the actors are not only good freinds but they share a lot. Talk about their films, scripts and more. So, they got to know soon that the filmmaker was trying his luck with both the actors at the same time and so both of them rejected the script!  Everyone thought, wah kya dostana which is not common between two actors!

But here is the real deal. Scratch a bit and you will know that A is not what he pretends to be. He just needs an excuse to bitch about B. And he goes on and on and on. Almost about everything. About B’s choice of films, his acting, the people he is working with and more. May be its because A has not been able to move beyond his debut. And B is doing great. The saddest part is B doesnt know about it. And even behind his back B doesnt say anything bad about A. Strange are the ways of bollywood! BTW, both belong to filmy families.