Fear Factor : Rahul Mahajan ka swayamvar!!

Posted: September 22, 2009 by moifightclub in Bolly Jokes, Contests, gossipmongers, News, pics, shit, songs & videos, television, Thoughts
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UPDATE – The show is on air now. Click here to read our latest post on the show Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega with all the details and pics of the 15 women who love S & M and want to marry him! Plus some fresh goss from Udaipur.

Oops, it should be Swayam”vadhu”! Rahul Mahajan Ka Swayamvadhu!

Rahul MahajanBe scared. Very Scared. Rahul Mahajan is back on tv. And this time for his swayamvar. The show is titled Rahul Dulhania Le Jayenge! Imgine, just imagine! on NDTV Imagine.

The big question – Why would someone want to marry Rahul Mahajan ? I dont have an answer but have one more question. Why would anyone want to marry Rakhi Sawant ?

34 year old Rahul is son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan. And what else do we know about Rahul Mahajan  ? Let’s see.

Wife-beater –  He separated from his first wife Shweta Singh (pilot) within five months of his marriage. According to Shweta, he used to beat her.

Substance use – Just after his father’s death, he was found unconscious with his father’s secretary Vivek Moitra at his father’s official residence. Reason – drug overdose. Vivek  died, Rahul survived.

Bigg Boss Participant – Still not been able to crack this one. Why he participated in Bigg Boss ? Because mujhe apne pitaji ki izzat wapas laani hai ?  How ?

LOL – You have to hear it to belive it. He literally believes in LOL! The sound is most scary than anything you have heard. Its not his best but check it out if you havent heard it yet.

And if you missed Junior Mahajan’s priceless Bigg Boss moments on tv, have  a look.

Finally, we have two suggestions.

1. Since Rakhi Sawant is not getting married to Elesh Parujanwala, why cant Rakhi and Rahul marry ? Can bet that they are made for each other and they truly deserve each other.

2. Even if Rahul finds a Dulhania for himself, here is an idea for the next season. NDTV Imagine can start planning it right now – Mujhe Iss Rahul Se Bachao! For a change, we can see the future!

  1. theishu says:

    Landed here blog-hopping.

    You have got some pretty interesting stuff here, which I normally wouldn’t seek out and read.

    Loved the Big B post too

  2. Rupika says:

    Ha ha ha….I liked your blog about this jerk…Rahul Mahajan…Btw you missed citing his political stint…aka..being kicked out of BJP for his wild ways….
    Godd! I wish he has died in the drug OD fiasco..:-D..atleast it would have saved poor Shweta…

  3. Jayotee Kumar says:

    It’s extremely hilarious………. LOL

  4. Dojie says:

    It was fun reading ur blog..keep us posted on such lojer variety of this planet..hahaha
    Good job!

  5. Sakshi Kapoor says:

    RAHUL MARRIES NIKUNJ ! Nikunj is seen wearing a chura generally worn after marriage ..its in todays episode when nikunj was giving a byte ..ITS SO DAMM FAKE !

  6. Priya says:

    Dnt think that anybody has come to marry Rahul.Most of the girls are struggling model.They just want to become popular….
    Otherwise y will any descent girl marry someone like RAHUL….

  7. A.K says:

    Rahull iz such a peedoooo .. alll dem galz r soo youngaa den himm!!
    ii like dimpyy buhh i dnt think rahul iz daa ryt person for herr 😐

  8. dev says:

    hi rahul i am devang and i am stay in london my fiverit girl is sawti is right life patner

  9. simran says:

    hiiii rahul i m simran i think best sutted girl 4 u is nikunj or harpreet so best of luck 4 6 march thanks

  10. josephine says:

    Swati was the best for Rahul with her past experience of a guy who used to beat her up – Rahul was meant for her. The rest are no good at all a choice as a perfect wife. Seems money oriented they are after and nothing else. Rahul is going to regret a second failure as none are worth his bride. Rahul u are going to cry………… as u made Swati.

  11. josephine says:

    Swati was meant for Rahul none other as they are all for his money and name.

  12. buddy says:

    I hope Rahul will not make a second mistake of marrying any of the four that are remaining. They are all useless and so false and it makes me upset to see him with having to choose these women who are crazy and stupid. Why did he let Swati go she was the perfect wife for Rahul.

  13. fart says:

    hi rahul alll d beast for ur wedding dated 6 march ,but how can u marry such young girls,marry someone elder TO u so dat she can give u girlfriends as well as mothers love,dis way u will remain happy all ur life!

  14. anjali says:

    hi rahul . I would tell harprit is best all the best

  15. rajveer says:

    hi rahul, i would say the harpreet chhadra is the sutiable wife for you from out of nikunj and dimpy.

  16. rajwinder says:

    hi rahul, best of luck thourghout your life
    i think harpreet is the best choice and nikunj is not that sutiable fo you
    choose wisely

  17. syed nadeem zafar says:

    hi rahul, I would vote to nikunj because she doesn’t look greedy for any thing. I wish you good luck take care bye

  18. Viji. says:

    Hello Rahul,
    I am like your mother saying this to you. Marry Harpreet cause she will be a good wife for you.

  19. SAMIKSHA says:

    hi rahul ……….
    i would say tht harpreet or dimpy is the suitable girl for u n nikunj idnt like nikunj she is like irritating girl so best of luck

  20. jimmy says:

    Don’t marry Nikunj, she has attitude problem, will not fit with your monther and dadi and even you…Harpreet is cool and Dimpy will papmer you so choose from these two who do you want…Best of luck mate

  21. ayesha says:

    hi rahul just wanna say dont choose nikunj i dont like her n she is very arrogent gal so plz dont marry tat bithch….

  22. sumit says:

    Rahul u seem like a nympho to me & i would suggest u not to bring disgrace to ur fathers name who might be watching u from heavens right now & feelin ashamed of bringing u to this world..

  23. pratik says:

    Looking at these vdos and reading your stuff – makes me wonder – what kind of perverts the young generation is becoming. Rahul coming from one of the most powerful and rich families of our country – seems to have no sense of what he is doing. I think easy fame and money has corrupted him. He said – i m participating in BigBoss for bringing my fathers ijjat back ” – i think he screwed his and his family’s’ ijaat all the more. I really pity the girl who is going to marry rahul. I find him worse than rakhi sawant. Wish rahuls mother could control her brat….

  24. Kashmala says:

    Hi Mr.Rahul

    I just want to say, please dont break the heart of harpreet, she actually loves you and she is perfect wife material,,,,,Best of luck both of you.
    I like harpreet so much:-)

    Kashmala malik

  25. Narges says:

    HI Rahul!
    You just sprised me that u marred to Dimpy, she is beautiful giril and Smart . Well Harpeet was good too.

  26. sachin says:

    Rahulll Suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  27. Mahima Raval says:

    For me, “Swaymvar Season 2” is just face reality show. In the real sense, if Rahul wants to marry to genuine life, then any one of all the girls is not perfect. For being a wife, Swati can be a good. Nikunj wasn’t bad, she looks like errogant but sometimes people are just not good to express themselves well. Harpreet is very cute and mature girl at the age of 20. I love Mranmai and she can be a good for Rahul. I would say someone perfect wife who just can’t tolerate such worst flirting, put her personal issues on the front of public, to whom Rahul’s mother would love. Love is not soemthing that you have to impress or absence of shameful. For me, it’s very bad if girls are proposing to Divorced man without going into her own thing. According to me, Rahul doesn’t desearve any nice genuine wife. Divorce is not ok for anyone, no matter how they are different. If one people is not able to adjust with another people or to win the trust of life partner or change someone and just want to go away of that relationship, I think those people are not good at any relationships. Change is the principle of life to go ahead. For me, it’s just the way of publicity and proving himself great for Rahul; for girls, it’s publicity, money, challenge for them they are just hammering to their own legs by themselves without knowing each other for a short period of time. Hopefully Rahul an dimpi can adjust with each other…..Good luck to Dimpi…..Definitely Nikunj and Harpreet are free from any risk and danger….The man-actor or politician who can flirt with so many girls and minds with Dimpie’s past can’t be suitable for long suitable life…Rahul take this comment as a challenge to prove yourself so that Dimpi can be happy..Sweta’s chupki proves so many bad things about you.May be tha’s Sweta’s fear or greatness. But not the right way to hide things , she might give some wrong small reasons to the public if she wants to create good impression of Rahul on the front of Public… Whatever drug abuse, Big boss , Swaymvar season things are, Smoke never comes except any fire issues…Good luck to newly married couple to save them from getting divorced……

  28. hemraj vyas says:

    hi how r u rahul u r choice is good but dimpy is a very smart and beutiful leady i wise u very happy marriges life

  29. shanza says:

    ok maybe Rahul had some bad times but this is a fresh start for him and he is a new man now
    so all the best to him
    personly i think he went of the tracks becous of the death of his dad this could have happend to any of us so get over it and find something better to do you sad people!!!

  30. star says:

    dimpy is bitch

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