Bigg Boss Season 3 – The inmates and the role they will play! » Vindoo Dara Singh

Posted: October 3, 2009 by moifightclub | Full size is 500 × 601 pixels

  1. phgenx says:

    vindu bewliders me………
    can anyone be so dumb and stupid……
    he changes color instantly..pushed kamaal (incidently the second biggest loser in big boss 3) in the morning and later was plotting and planning with kamaal later…
    vindu has neither any personality nor any mind….just a big zero in his brain…

    and he thinks he is the biggest dude……he is India favourite….
    I guess he is mentally retarded..

    i hope the loser is eliminated this week !

  2. phgenx says:

    I wonder who votes for him…i guess all other mentally retarded pseudo jokers like him……
    and also maybe kamaal also might have paid some people to vote for him…

    vindu abb thujhe aur zhelna muskil hain….rahham karo aur bahhar niklo..

  3. bug56 says:

    vindu is completely crazy…..nonsensical nut…..what does he think of himself?he should be disqualified!!!1

  4. Vindoo might be crazy at times but the fact is that he does not keep anything in his heart. So if one time, he feels that someone is great, he would say it and then says the opposite when the same person does something wrong. It is normal. even we guys have different feeling for the same person at different times. The only difference is that we don’t say it but this guy just says it and thus makes a fool for himself. But, he is yaaron ka yaar and a man with a pure heart.

  5. cd says:

    language like phgenx uses clearly lower the standards of sharing public opinions … i wonder how his heart allows attempts to degrade other person with such comments …

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