First Look : Fired (poster & trailer) by Sajit Warrier (Remember the plagiarism case on Ramu’s Agyaat!)

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Fired Remember Sajit Warrier ? The writer who claimed  Agyaat was his script and even FWA (Film Writers Association) gave their verdict in his favour. Ramu dismissed it completely and you can read his response  here . What we didnt get is why ask for claims on such disaster and awful film! We wrote about the Agyaat plagiarism news here (point no. 2) but lost track of it. Anyone got any updates ?

Now Sajit is ready with his directorial debut Fired starring Rahul Bose and produced by IDream Productions. And yes, it looks better than Ramu’s Agyaat! Finally recession gets a horror face! Take a look.

And here is the official synopsis of the film….

Joy Mittal, the arrogant CEO of H.W.L.S, in a hardnosed decision to repair his scandal ridden work record and prove his ability to emerge as a pioneering leader in times of financial crisis, fires all the employees from his London office to cope with the global economic slowdown.

Amongst the sacked employees is Ruby Herminson, 29, an alluring, sophisticated, career-driven woman, with whom a married Joy is having a long affair. Joy fires Ruby along with the rest of the people he considers expendable. After a trying day, Joy decides to finish off some paperwork before heading home, but soon realizes that the only possible means of leaving is the one he least bargained for.

Cornered in a deserted office, Joy soon realizes that there is a gruesome super-natural force in the building, which is hell-bent on extracting revenge for his ruthless actions. FIRED is the shocking tale of a man who pays a steep price for his cold-blooded actions.

  1. Alok Kapur says:

    A slight correction, the film is produced by IDream Productions. IDream Independent Pictures is the worldwide sales arm of the company.

  2. Anand Kadam says:

    looks cool…but why london….could have easily be set in bangalore or bombay….

  3. Kenny says:

    I personally think the poster’s terrible but the tagline’s FANTASTIC!!!!! Heads will roll ha ha ha ha ha… haven’t laughed so hard all week!

  4. Akash Ghosh says:

    If this film is passed by the censors without any cuts and if this film makes it to a theater in it’s full spirit(no pun intended), then I will be the happiest man on earth to see a REAL INDIAN HORROR FILM, because after watching 100s of horror films from around the world, this is the first Indian horror film that looks like a “a horror film” and not a comedy.

  5. tagline ” Heads will roll” is
    originally from Tim Burtons “Sleepy Hollow”

  6. Kenny says:

    Shekhar, true, but the context is even more applicable to this movie ’cause it has a huge lot of employees getting fired 🙂

  7. moifightclub says:

    @Alok – thnx for the correction. hav edited.
    @Kenny – i like the poster! grabs your attention! Guys Kenny is the dialogue writer of the film. So say congrats to him!

  8. Kumar Gautam says:

    My best wishes Sajit…have seen your struggle with agyaat script closely.

  9. joe2 says:

    i don’t mind the poster, but i really don’t like what they did with the type. at first look i thought it said FRED. and with some guy’s cut off head staring at you it could easily be said Fred. 🙂 it’s strong enough as it is that it doesn’t need a red “i” … the trailer is freaking awesome and i cannot wait to see this!!

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