WTF : Na mila mera sur, na tumhara, na kisi aur ka!

Posted: January 27, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, first look, News, songs & videos, WTF
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WTF is this ? Why ? What is this Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara ?

Bad video. Bad choice of celebrities/icons. Bad lip/voice sync. And all badly put together. Looks like as if we are still stuck in 80’s Bollywood. Like Ramu’s Sholay remake which turned out to be (Bh)Aag, this one fails on every account. As a freind said, it needed Bharat Bala. Period. Or as Zoom Channel’s punchline goes, isko mat dekho

Here are the two part videos of the Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

BTW, do check out the comments on the video pages. Seems we are not the only one who hated it. And here is the one that cant be replaced, do anything. The magic of good ol’ DD days!


  1. Ksmommy says:

    Totally commercialized, disjointed, uninteresting, long boring! We didnt ask for it – they shouldn’t have made one. Its really not a part 2! Except the piece by Shankar-Loy-Ehsan trio & Santoor Maestro and his sons- there is nothing to watch. Yes, WTF!

  2. arijit says:

    Seems TOI couldn’t bring the stars together in the same screen amitabh/srk/aamir/salman…:D…and couldn’t afford to miss any of them…also they had to showcase whoever appears most frequently on their pages…as a result this became more of a zoom production than like the old Mile Sur…it’s a ridiculous effort…it will make a comeback as a MTV spoof sometime very soon…

  3. hardik mehta says:

    Its the worst thing to happen in the name of national integration. And thank you to the video makers to let us know that you have to be a celebrity kid to represent India and all those poor sportsmen pushed in at the last for microseconds. And the double worst thing: computer graphics making it look like a shaadi ka video…

    the part of the problem is that “hum logon ne aadat bana ke rakhi hai, poorani cheezon ko chhedne ki…”
    as if by remixing and remaking – hum India pe ehsaan kar rahein hai….

    GB – India is no more about common ppl…its a country that only looks upon tv stars and bollywood celebrities….
    worst…they think cinema is all about celebrityhood…

  4. @pvijay says:

    As a friend of mine tweeted, it achieved national integration by uniting people across the country to boo it 🙂

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