First Look : Anurag Kashyap’s production Shaitan (Trailer) – UPDATED

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UPDATE – 21/04/2011

The original trailer of Shaitan is finally out. And it looks gorgeous! Check out.

The first trailer of Anurag Kashyap’s production Shaitan is out. Though Anurag  claims that this is not the final one, it’s been leaked out and even the font is different in the final trailer.

The film is directed by debutant Bijoy Nambiar and stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Kalki Koechlin in the lead.

Tip – Mihir Fadnavis


The official synopsis and the first poster of the film is also out. To quote…

The story is about Amy – Amrita Mathur. She is a 17 year old and has all the teenage angst and rebel attitude that go with that age. Amy makes some new friends in Bombay- the ultra rich KC and gang. One night of living on the edge ends up with them brushing against the law. A cop blackmails them to cover up the case. In order to pay up Amy stages her own kidnap with help from KC and gang. A simple plan which goes completely haywire forms the rest of the story. Intertwined with this we have a story of a cop – Tavde; who is put on the case to track Amy and the others. The cop is forced to deal with a personal crisis while he is on the case. How he manages to resolve it and simultaneously crack the case carries the story forward.

Paanch REDUX?

  1. Rasik says:

    the song is catchy…saw very little of rajeev khandelwal….

  2. Aseem Behl says:

    Looks great, and yes the song is really really catchy. Btw, isn’t this the same Bijoy Nambiar who won Ashok Amritraj’s “Gateway”. Wasn’t he supposed to make a film in Hollywood?

  3. Bossman says:

    Hell Yeah…. Looks awesome….

  4. assman says:

    AK g ye paanch ka remake to nahi ?

  5. rohan says:

    there is some leakage problem in A k production house.The girl in yellow boots too had some leaked scenes and now the whole trailer is leaked.I guess this is there marketing style.well talking about shaitan , i couldn’t get any idea what the movie is about, i guess bunch of friends getting in some trouble btw then what is rajeev k doing there then.The music is good though and cinematography looks kickass!!

  6. bipin says:

    i love the song in the back. anyone knows which one this is ? and is this paanch remake of some sorts? the end of trailer is super. SMASH 🙂

    • popmangreen says:

      That’s a tamil by Prashant Pillai “” who is one of the composers for the film.

  7. aseem says:

    so why do we continue to celebrate all these cool looking films that glamorize petty criminals? why do we all (not just Indians) have a fascination for criminals, gansters, guns, sexy women, and hip mtv style edited music videos?

  8. bahadoor says:

    this is like the WRONG syno man …. im pretty sure this aint the fillum.

  9. nitin says:

    @aseem – Dude its universal..if you see outside you can see outside your window. But you need not worry KJ and SLB are still alive.

  10. nitin says:

    @aseem – Dude its universal..if you see outside your window. But you need not worry KJ and SLB are still alive.

  11. jitaditya says:

    What’s wrong with sexy women????

    • anuragkicksass says:

      Yeah dude I think it’s haraam, you better avoid it bro. This is eeeevilllllll 😉

      Oh yeah, trailer kicks ass. Who’s done the music? Amit?

  12. Nothings wrong with ‘Sexy Women’!
    mereko to kuch problem nahi,. ,..tereko??

  13. wisetongue19 says:

    wheres mihir fadnavis’ review?

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