First Look : Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar (Trailer)

Posted: August 31, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, film, first look, Trailer
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It’s raining trailers and how! After Agneepath and The Dirty Picture, the trailer of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar is finally out. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri. And the most interesting bit – A R Rahman’s music. And we will also get to see Shammi Kapoor one last time on the big screen. Bring it on!

So it looks like Imtiaz is recycling his old formula once again – cool and confused lovers will travel a distance (physically and emotionally) and discover true love. Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal, all follow the same formula. Lovers just take one more step ahead – about to marry(SNT), almost married (JWM), just married (LAK) and then they discover their true love. This one seems to be following the same route. New track – Rockstar bit and the music scene. Let’s see how it plays out.

And if sadda haq, aithye rakh is the sound of the film, gimme more!

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  1. Shaan says:


  2. Mani says:

    dont be so negative and judgemental ,”he is recyciling same old theme”,all filmamkers make the same one film whole their lives,its a quote from godard

    wit havve u done in ur life except passing comments on others and putting down others,did u ever evven make a short film whcih ur non frnds will pay to see,till then pls be bit humble

    • sceptic_ali says:

      mani, are you slow? . this site is supposed to critique movies, and that’s why we come here, no?

    • @Rohwit says:

      *thinks of replying to your lopsided comment but then as ali has pointed out below, you ARE SLOW’ so gives it a pass…u are not worthy of a reply…Ok Taran?*

  3. drdang says:

    Can this one end with him *not* getting the girl? That would be truly cool (and also seemingly fit the story)

  4. its a good breezy trailor

  5. Lavi says:

    THOK STAR…. What’s all these buzz about Sadda Haq becoming an anthem??? Total exaggeration!!!

  6. assman says:

    a bit of love, a bit of politics, a bit of music it seems.

    A lot of shots remind of Jab We Met 😮

  7. D.Bee says:

    Looks intense 😐

  8. Aparita says:

    First off some caveats — I understand that Bollywood has its own language, and that it does not necessarily need to speak to an audience beyond its regular fan-base.

    Nevertheless, what’s it with Bollywood stars trying to play brooding intensity that ends up looking like a sulk-fest? Why is there no room for nuance in so many of these big budget-type films?

    And seriously, Jim Morrison had loads of inspirations. Falling in love is not the only fount of creativity. If only the writer had fallen in love, lost and found a better script…

  9. ruchi sharma says:

    kali kali ankho se hone lgi phr dosti, khoya khoya in raho ab mera kuch b nhi…

  10. songbird24 says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else feel the music of the film and the trailor seem two completely different stories? The music is so ethereal is earthy Indian while the trailor looked very rough and well unethereal.
    I will agree with Aparita above. Hindi cinemas have to go beyond the concept of love for new film inspirations. I will watch this movie for sure but I hate to admit, I feel like I have already made up my mind. It might just be a second ‘Jab we met’ !

  11. wanna watch diz mvie 1st day atleast to feel rehman saab’s on screen music…!!

  12. Fatema says:

    Why does RK in the poster look like Sonu Nigam?

  13. I don’t know if the movie is going to be a superhit or not ,I only know that I love the song ‘Tum ho’,& all the songs of the movie a lot .love to Mr A R Rahman,Mr Mohit chawhan & a big hug for Ranvir kapoor.

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