Aao Guess Karein – Coke, sex and similarity

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Why so serious? asked a friend of ours. It’s just a film. What happened to all the fun? And then he introduced us to GossipGirl, an insider in B-town and a new member to the club. And so we are back with “Aao Guess Karein”. Do welcome the Gossip Girl and over to her now. Read on.

This once A-lister female actress who has been out of work for a couple of years after a failed serious relationship with an illustrious member of Bombay’s financial fraternity, has taken very seriously to drugs. Once a household name for her ferocious independence and vivacious image, she is very quickly and steadily descending into the “forgotten” category.

The story goes that her come-back vehicle,  a cheesy romance film, which she is producing herself,  being shot  in  Europe, with a new model turned actor for the hero, has been running into major production trouble.

70% of the crew has quit in the very first schedule and are known to have been demanding to be flown back to India due to the lack of organization, a number of heads of production fired – there is nobody to take the blame, because apparently madam producer has frequent foul mood swings and is constantly taking short breaks to run to the bathroom or to her trailer (sniff, sniff), and appears soon after as a completely different person, but there is no real brain coordinating the production of the film. The crew that has quit has been receiving calls from the hapless director and the lead actor of the film, almost begging them to return to salvage whatever little they can from the situation.

It is to be believed that in the rushes of the film the actress is looking almost 10 years older than her real age and the script doesn’t seem to be holding itself together, all combined with this new model /actor opposite her gives out the aura of a premature mid life crisis that the actress maybe going through.

Sources from an international film that the actress was a part of a few years ago, suggest that she was pulled up for her constant sniffing by the director (she would appear with white powder trickling from her nose) – she was immediately barred from all narcotic activities on set.  The film however, was a flop, adding another feather to the actress’ dwindling career.

Other industry sources claim that she comes from a group of elite socialites, that include other A-list actors , that are known for having wild parties with generous supplies of good quality drugs at the venues which are usually the bungalows or homes of these people, some even suggest that her ex-boyfriend used to be the one supplying (due to political & business connections at high places) to the elite coke-heads of Bombay.

This a small insight to the otherwise dark, drug-laden, insecure place that the Bombay film industry stands for, it is too well decorated for anyone to see the real dramas of the existences of so called super stars in this day and age.

Another case of drunken misbehaviour by an actor
He is a common face on prime time television, has been around in the industry for almost two decades – after a failed beginning in Bollywood in the 80’s , this actor in question stayed afloat by providing security services,  to other Bollywood Stars, he is cashing in on a recent spate of  good luck with a few off beat, award winning  Indie films.  A good actor and a  decently behaved human being otherwise he has been witnessed losing himself when he hits the bottle.

Recently, the news about a drunken driving accident involving the actor were also doing the rounds, but were quickly hushed up.

Story goes that on the sets of an International multi-starrer (a film that is most likely to cause extreme political controversy when it is released)  being shot on the coastal shores of a southern country in the subcontinent, the actor in question (who is married  with a kid) picked up a local questionable lady during one of his drinking binges at the local casinos in the city.

This lady was then brought as his  guest to an evening party that the crew was hosting – apparently the actor, was insisting on pushing one of the senior heads of department into the pool, and when he resisted, the actor got immensely angry and started tossing the furniture into the pool, his local lady friend tried to intervene but was brusquely pushed aside (and got slightly injured) by the out of control actor and if that wasn’t enough, the actor then inappropriately grabbed the chest of a female crew member.

Now for the sake of continuity, the man had to be tolerated by every one on crew. Incidentally he is playing the role of a violent alcoholic  in the film and sources close to the renowned director of the film suggest that his performance is standing out and shining – talk about drawing inferences from private life, just pray that you are not in the path of this actor when he is drunk!

If sources are to be believed, a certain perfectionist star- whose films are always being awaited with high anticipation,  has suddenly pushed the release date for his upcoming  and anticipated Suspense film, to the latter end of 2012- because of screechingly close similarities in the story line of a recently released woman centric twist in the tale drama, that is getting all the  applauds and accolades and has been declared a super hit,  (a third in the row for the actress/star of the film).

The perfectionists film, directed by a close friend of the star’s wife- was earlier supposed to release in June, it seems that they are forced to eat humble pie and delay the film  to make necessary changes to the narrative and structure  to steer as far away from similarities as they possibly can at this point when the film has already been shot.

The star of the film, who is known to be interfering and controlling in every aspect of any film that he is involved in has recently had a spate of ill luck, as a television show that he’s supposed to host, that has been in the making and research for a few years now, broke into a fire.
Let’s see what a midas touch can do to the lack of originality in this industry.

  1. odshek says:

    1st one is preity zinta i guess..film is ishq in paris

  2. odshek says:

    2nd one is ronit roy
    3rd obv aamir

  3. Rajeev Masand ke Open mag wala source haath lag gaya hai.

  4. Sashwat says:

    Is that really Preity Zinta? I am devasted.

  5. preity zinta, rohit roy and aamir khan…is this all gossip or some truth to it…whats the relevance of this post in your blog?

  6. Shatrughan says:

    2nd is Ronit Roy and 3rd one is obviously Aamir but not clear about first case….

  7. Piyush says:

    I am heartbroken if the Priety Zinta bit is true. I hope that it isn’t.

  8. keedah says:

    is the last one about Kaahani’s similarity to Taalash??

  9. keedah says:

    Does Zinta still have her boy Parsad who scores drugs for her?

  10. Thalassa says:

    La Zints, Ronit and Rancho. These were pretty easy to guess. The one that really makes me sad is the one about Ronit Roy. I really hope he gets help for his boozing problem – just when he seemed to have got it all together.

  11. Nikhil Saini says:

    1) Preity Zinta, her international film- Heaven on earth
    2) Ronit Roy- He is playing Ahmed Sinai in Midnight’s children- the leather-cloth dealer who becomes an alcoholic.
    3) Aamir Khan-Haha, this one was the easiest, felt as if @cilemasnob wrote it. 😉

  12. keedah says:

    yaar ronit bhai kitna tharki hai.

    • Preet says:

      He is not at all tharki. Infact women are mad after him, ye journalist kuch bhi bakwaas likhenge aur hum maan lenge, saawal hi paida nahi hota

  13. mindcravings says:

    Really hope the bit about Ronit is not all that true.. but oh well, hope things are better now. It saddens me.

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