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First things first. I will be accused of hiding behind a fake name and hence everything that follows will be discredited by some of you. Just one lovely phrase for those who will resort to this.    2014 was a pretty average year for Bollywood (like the previous 83-years) but things are looking up for […]

Too much talk about Imran Khan getting booed? Well, since it was one of the ideas that our Nicolas Bourbaki-ji wrote about while discussing ways to improve the Mumbai Film Festival, he is back to tell you something. 1. If you love Mumbai Film Festival and want it to continue, and you booed Imran Khan […]

First things first, we love Mumbai Film Festival, especially the way they have revamped it in the last few years. They get the best films from all all the top fests of the world. This year the fest seems to be in trouble because of sponsors. As of now, they fest is trying to gather […]

Nicolas Bourbaki is back. Because it’s call of duty. It’s the same old i-cant-take-criticism-fuck-you attitude. And this time it involved a Tamil film and a popular RJ who has been forced to quit his show. Bourbaki got all the details. Read on. This Diwali, three Tamil films released. The Ajith-Arya starrer Arrambam, directed by Vishnuvardhan, […]

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap did AMA on Reddit yesterday. Someone asked him about the state of Indian film criticism. His reply in one word was “terrible”. Well, it doesn’t take much brains to figure this out. Open the papers on Friday and you can see it all over. Not to mention the reviews by trade analysts […]