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For Kangna Ranaut fans, here is a good news and a bad one.

kangna website cutFirst the good news. Kangna’s oficial website is finally up and running. The address is Kangna has started her blog also and plans to interact with her fans directly through the blog.

Now the bad news : Kangna Ranaut has split from her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman. The reasons, too many. The young actors want to focus on their respective careers. Adhyayan’s closeness to Shahana Goswami. Adhyayan’s dad Shekhar Suman never approved of Kangna. And both of them are not getting enough time for each other. So they met, discussed and parted ways. Old is out, young is over, what’s next Kangna ? 

For Kangna Ranaut fans, here is a good news and a bad one.

kanganaFirst the good news. Kangna is soon going to start her website. The address is

Its not functional yet but will start in june. Kangna will be blogging and interacting directly with her fans.

Now the bad news : It seems all those news about Kangna doing a nude scene in a telugu film is completely false. And she has also said that she will never do a nude scene! So all you horny guys, who were waiting desperately and googling her day and night, forget it.

Till she changes her mind, drool over this pic of Kangna, from Daboo Ratnani’s calendar. Atleast you will know one secret – where the mole is! 😉 ( we could not resist ourselves from singing – tere seene me jo kala til hai, wahi to mera dil hai! Is this the song that Adhyayan Suman sang to woo Kangna ?)

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