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KAUFMAN – “Or cramming in sex, or car chases, or guns. Or characters learning profound life lessons. Or characters growing or characters changing or characters learning to like each other or characters overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end. Y’know ? Movie shit.”
Kaufman is sweating like crazy now. Valerie is quiet for a moment.

from “Adaptation”

We are all about CINEMA. That movie shit.
NOTHING is sacred.
NOBODY is spared.
Because we talk about films, dammit.
Not your sex life.

Films, fests, unsung, indies, undiscovered – all that and more. If you have dope on anything related to cinema or you would like to share something, do write to us at moifightclub@gmail.com.

  1. Very nice blog… very much my kinds 🙂

  2. someonehastosaythis says:

    can some one pls put this in perspective? http://www.collider.com/2009/10/06/paul-schrader-gets-xtreme/

  3. moifightclub says:

    yeah i know. dont think anyone can put it in perspective. will get to know only when the film releases. and yes, stranger things hav happened!

  4. NDSpace says:

    The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club… I guess that’s why I never knew about u guys till now… keep up the good work.

  5. Anand says:

    Nice Blog. The flow of post is what which makes this blog special. Keep writing.

  6. Nikhil says:

    i am a big movie buff ….i have some rare world movies of thriller genre if anyones interested !

  7. Ken says:

    If it is all about Bollywood why call urself FightClub? I mean there are so many good bollywood titles – angoor, golmal, sholey to name few. 😀 jas out curiosity.

  8. nanjundakrishna says:

    its not about afight(STUNTS) its all abuut a real fight about bringing audience to watch movies, bahut badi baath hai,hope u will try and suceed

  9. Amit Sanghavi says:

    The new look is rocking! But many of the articles are overlapping in multiple categories!

    How do we know now whats the latest news/gossip/review/wtf/etc…???

    It looks like, we wud have to check out each category!

  10. moifightclub says:

    @Amit – thnx n oops…scratching our heads! think d best option is to just follow the main page. nothing can be easier than that 😉 will try to sort it out better with new posts.

  11. Hi, nice to meet you !

  12. Shaheen says:

    Hey! check this blog on films…


    i really find it very interesting and deep in content. lil different from what you do.. ;).. yet if u find it good.. do add it to your blogroll. 🙂


  13. Bhai log!!! GREAT blog. Keep writing.

  14. eva626 says:

    great blog…i love bollywood blogs!!

  15. moonstruck says:

    nice blog .. subscribed it ..
    couldnt understand y u named it fightclub…a pathetic bollywood movie .. btw wat is moi ??

  16. My kinda blog. Already subscribed to it. 😀

  17. fish fry says:


    any way i could send across a dvd, John & Jane by Mr Ashim Ahluwalia for review??

  18. moifightclub says:

    Hey fish fry, our contact is moifightclub@gmail.com

  19. oyenimsi says:

    yaar i read first post today and main tumhara fan hogaya yaaar… awesome posts.. specially fr a movie buff like me… lovely …

  20. Prasanth Sb says:

    Hello, is it possible to give a blog on my new hindi album.

    neele titli hindi song youtube.

  21. Piyush says:

    I had visited this blog once before but had no time to linger that day. Yesterday I came back again, and man spent about 2 hrs going through it. It is a goldmine for someone like me.

    Keep up the good work, I will keep coming here and reading the archives, apart from the new postings.


  22. Kapil says:

    your website template is one of a stolen one…Talk abt plagiarism….http://theunderratedartist.wordpress.com/

    • moifightclub says:

      Dear Kapil, which planet are you from? It’s one of the free template that WordPress offers. Anyone who has wordpress acoount cant pick from hundreds of free template. Once in a while it will be nice if you check what you are talking before you open your mouth. cheers

  23. bjigya says:

    just to let u know the new lows of bollywood, trailer of SOTY on youtube are being heavily moderated after most comments were negative and the dislike bar was longer than the like! So first they made the like/dislike bar invisible , started moderating comments to allow only good ones. Now u cant like/dislike the trailer or even like/dislike any comments made on the video itself!

  24. nadi says:

    Thank you for creating , maintaining this space

  25. chox says:

    hi there – i really want to watch Miss Lovely but can’t find it anywhere. I live in the US – so any suggestions on how I may find a way to watch it would be much appreciated.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Do you all run the filmmusicreporter.com also?

  27. Ravi G raibhandare says:


    I want to pitch my social, women oriented true story script to actress Vidya Balan and suitable production house like AKP, Amir Khan production, Vidhu Vinod Chopra production.

    Can u pls guide me how to meet these ppl?

    Note: that script is got selected in 1st round of Mumbai Mantra Sundance script lab 2014.
    Thnx in advance

  28. Chinks says:

    awesomee blog 😀

  29. Manish Kumar says:

    Love your blog.Keep up the good work. 🙂

  30. ekingmasterpuppets says:

    A pleasure to learn film theory one bombshell dropping blogpost at a time. Thank you!
    P.S please join letterboxd.com (if you do im ‘ comtruise ‘ on there)

  31. Josh Herniggue says:

    Hello, i really like your blog. I am from Canada and i am looking for the script of movie Kaun. Written by Anurag Basu. It is quite difficult to find bollywood movie script. Could you help me please.

  32. This is some super awesome work.. keep it up moifightclub

  33. just finished reading Lootera script.. This is hands down best page. I always wanted to read Kal ho na Ho Script. If by any chance you guys can post it here.

  34. techiecrazy says:

    Thanks Neeraj for sharing his story and insights into personal struggles that made mr seek for his blog (donno if its his) that I ended up reaching among a pool of folks who have common interest towards movies n movie making !!

    Looking forward.

  35. Mustafa says:

    Hi, what does it take to be able to write on your site? I love the content and would like to contribute my bit.

  36. How can i see some of these films you talk about in NYC? I know some of them are released here but is there an online forum where these might be available on demand?


  37. Looking to read a good piece about films made in India. This is a great platform to follow.

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