Will Censor Board do KLPD on LSD ? Mid-Day has a sneak peek of bollywood’s boldest sex scene ever!

Posted: March 11, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, first look, News, pics
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Its middle name is “Sex”. And as Neha Dhupia in her Julie avatar said once – In this country, only sex or Shah Rukh Khan sells! So, the makers of Love Sex Aur Dhoka are going full throttle selling what they have. Check out the pics.

The film LSD is yet to be censored. So, will the Censor Board pass it ? Or will it do a KLPD ? And if you wondering what is KLPD, go check which planet do you belong to! ( Hint – D is the same in both LSD & KLPD)

To read the full article published in Mid-Day, click here. Its seems the protagonists of any hindi films have never stripped down completely. And so by that criteria, this one is bollywood’s boldest sex scene ever. Aha, when will our actors join Kate Winslet’s Sex & Nudity Coaching Classes ? But first they need to join her acting class! Only actors can carry nudity with so much ease.

And here is the most interesting bit from the article – But the nudity in the scene is not even remotely aimed to titillate. If anything, it is gag-inducing, guaranteed to repel you. Like the rape scene filmed on Monica Bellucci in Irreversible.

Monica Bellucci ? Irreversible ? This sounds familiar. Not sure if its coincidence or has been written as part of an official press release. Remember talking to one of the writers of the film about it long back. How the film had a huge impact on him, how he had first seen the film during his film school days and in the same week, something similar had happened in the film school campus. It was too heavy to get over.

But Mid-day has done what the film’s PR and Marketing guys should be doing. Sold the film to its audience. We were booking our tickets anyway. Now we will double-check. What are you thinking ? or still staring at the pic ?

  1. @pvijay says:

    oh! r there pics in this post? oh, there are. sorry. didn’t notice

    😛 🙂

  2. indraneel says:

    that article was designed to sell LSD to its TG. They have succeeded. Sex aalways sells…Julie, Qurbani, Satyam shivam sundaram, aastha..etc

  3. Sudhir says:

    Guaranteed hit. If the censor board doesn’t play truant that is.

  4. rusted rick says:

    and now if it becomes a hit, it’ll just go on to show how perverted we really are…lol
    anyways who cares as long as it works 🙂

  5. hardik mehta says:

    hope dibakar tells the story his way rather than going the ekta way….

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