Whose Chittagong is it anyway ?

Posted: December 8, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, News
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If only Ashutosh Gowariker stops taking himself so seriously, the world would have been a better place to live. Ok, thats called exaggeration. But yes, he might get his mojo back. Last night Ashutosh Gowariker was online, through the twitter account of Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey. One of us tweeted and asked him for Refund. And this is what he replied…

You are asking for a refund?? It is like asking for a refund from the revolutionaries who gave their lives for you!!

Woohoo! As if Gowariker is going to donate all the collections from the film to the families of freedom fighters. And dear Gowariker, if you think there is nothing wrong with KHJJS, then all the best.

On his Facebook wall, Anurag posted this message yesterday –

See Chittagong, a far superior film made on the same subject as KHJJS.. At 1/8 th the cost, far superior actors and immense passion.. Producers decided to sit on it, because of a phone call from someone, Because that someone was trying desperately to save his son’s career..welcome to bollywood, where whose son you are… outshines all the hardwork and passion and potential and talent. KHJJS came and went, now what.

And if its true, then its not the first time. Remember how AB Sr. put out all the congratulatory smses that people smsed him for Abhishek, in full page advertisements after the release of Guru. And for Raavan, he put the blame on editing.

Mumbai Mirror picked the info from Anurag’s FB wall and carried this news today. And according to Mirror, Amitabh Bachchan reacted to it saying its incorrect and baseless.  Click here to read the report that The Telegraph carried in 2007 about Shonali Bose’s film. It seems Naseeruddin Shah and Jaya Bachchan were interested in it. One more Bachchan ? Wah, what an irony!

Shonali’s film Chittagong is directed by her husband Bedabrata Pain. It stars Manoj Bajapayee and Raj Kumar Yadav ( LSD).

  1. bksingh2009 says:

    Feel terribly bad for BigB. All his life, he gave us some of the most powerful films and never cared about competetion from others. And at this stage of his life, he is doing such things for his idiotic son. chota B to kuch to sharam karna chahye.. acting nahi hoti hai to producer ban jaaye..

  2. Filmi Girl says:

    I believe it and I think Anurag Kashyap has every right to feel cynical.

    From everything I’ve heard Chittagong is the far superior film – and at least one actor jumped ship from KHJJS to Chittagong because of script problems in the former.

  3. JJ says:

    Reminds me of metallica’s ‘Sad but True’

  4. Fatema says:

    ‘I think the Chittagong story is bursting to be told. ‘ That one sentence had so much passion…that belief itself is arousing enough…I wonder how enlightening this story had been, had it come from this passion…

    Mr. Gowariker,(and Mr Bachchan) do you know what a huge disservice you have done to the memories of the freedom-fighter that you so claim to honour, by doing what you have done?

    I am a huge anti-cynic when it comes to our freedom movement. But, you successfully put me to sleep and made me join in the (loud and sarcastic) jokes that the rag-tag bunch of people were cracking in the cinema hall. I couldn’t care less about who was Surjya Sen and what happened to those teenage kids, leave alone if the story was true or not. Someone really please tell Mr AG to really top taking himself so seriously.

    And while you’re at it do say the same to Mr Sr B as well. Mr Bachchan needs to seriously stop trying to build a career for his son. Mr Yash Chopra has finally realised he cannot do the same for his. When will the Sr B. relent? The (really really pathetic) film seemed like it was floated and funded completely by him. Figure this and join the dots. No one wants to touch Jr B. No one wants to touch AG. No paanwala financer of our Bolly-land would fund a freedom struggle ki gatha just like that. How else would a film like this get made otherwise? And to top it these other antics by Mr Sr B. When will this small coterie of ex-stars (the likes of Sajid Khan included) realise the film industry is no one’s baap ki jaagir, all puns intended?

  5. Vikas says:

    I thought AK is talking about Sikander Kher.

  6. jitesh says:

    While this does sound credible, but Don’ know how seriously we can take Mr. Kashyap. Remember the time when he was going around the town saying that Amitabh got Black Friday banned because he was doing Black.
    And as for Abhishek bachhan, can’t understand why his career is supposed to be over. Of his last five films- Khelein, Raavan, Paa, Delhi-6 and Dostana, two have been certified hits.

  7. Wrichik says:

    This reminds me of Citizen Kane. Kane trying to launch a hopeless Susan Alexander’s career desperately and compromising his principles in the process.

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