VOTD : Who said Ramu has lost his mojo ?

Posted: December 22, 2010 by moifightclub in cinema, Simbly South, VOTD
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Beat this shit!

The song is from his new Telugu film KSD Appalraju. And if you are still not ROFLOL, then you must check out the lyrics. Our good friend Mihir Fadnavis did this great social service for humanity by translating the song in English and keeping its horniness intact.

Horny bastard (guy):

Teri maa ki… what are those eyes… what is that nose … what are those legs…

what is that waist…what is…what is….

How did your parents raise you…you are killing me day and night jaanu.. (x 2)

Are those lips…or Rasagullas….

Is that a waist… or ice cream…

The heat in your body… is heat in my body….

Your beauty is making me grow… this hot sun is burning me!!

Slutty Girl:

How did your parents raise you…you are killing me day and night jaanu.. (x 2)

Are those muscles…or granite stones…

Is that a walk… or super STYLE…

One look from you gives my body a shock…

My body parts are boiling up…. my whole body feels like sweets!

  1. saikumar says:

    i think its a song from a movie within the movie guyz.
    ksd= katha/story screenplay darshakatvam/direction appalraju .a sattire on telugu cinema

  2. extremist says:

    when i first saw this song, it seemed like a kanti shah effort. chalo, atleast rgv’s penchant for weird camera angles has resulted in something worthwhile in this song for the front benchers!

  3. SK says:

    The movie revolves around a wannabe filmmaker, so may be Ramu deliberately shot a tacky song. Don’t be so quick to come to conclusions. Geez.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Anil Bhagchandani. Anil Bhagchandani said: RT @NBKHoon: Who said Ramu has lost his mojo ? VOTD – http://tinyurl.com/23w3tq8 Thanks to @mihirfadnavis Yeh nahi dekha toh kya dekha! […]

  5. moifightclub says:

    @SK – Bingo! It can be a film in a film in a film but those horny camera movements are trademark R!

  6. Sudhir Nair says:

    Ramu must seriously look at making a porn movie…will finally hit success…sure this is a satire, but it’s still too much…and why do i get the feeling that the song was shot first and the music was made later…

  7. Rusted rick says:

    He should make more of this stuff..will atleast sale some tickets

  8. Sri says:

    i think this is deliberately done and not cos RGV has lost his mojo. Rewind back to k Raghavendra Rao or Dasari Narayana rao’s flicks to the eighties/nineties ( read the the mofos who raped the Telugu film industry ) this is purely their way of making films. Ramu is making a hard hitting satire on the TFI itself, and hence this is a sample of what’s to come. Read the Facebook page on the film, each character has its roots closely resembled to reality. I , being a telugu guy, can’t wait to watch this film.

  9. jj says:

    hahahahahahahaha……. 😀
    Camera work TM ramu

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