Is 7 Khoon Maaf’s Darrling inspired from Russian song Kalinka ?

Posted: December 25, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, music, News, songs & videos
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Since the trailer of 7 Khoon Maaf came out yesterday, we have been playing it in loop. All for Darrling – the killer combo of  Rekha Bhardwaj and Usha Uthup’s voice. The song is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and it seems there is more to the Darrling story.

It might be little too early to predict anything because we haven’t heard the full song yet.  But from whatever is there in the promo, it sounds similar to a popular Russian song called Kalinka.  And since there is a Russian actor (Alexander Dyachenko) in the film too, its easy to connect the dots. Or may be its part of the narrative and comes along with the character (Vronsky – Oh yes! Its a Russian name) he plays. The visuals in the trailer also suggests the same.

Click on the play button to hear Kalinka…from 4:00 onwards its almost the same tune.

And here is the 7 Khoon Maaf tariler…

To know more about the Kalinka song, click here.

Also, if its in public domain (folk songs) and has been reproduced many times in different versions, then there is no issue in using the tune. But if the case is different, then it might be plagiarism. According to wikipedia, it was composed in 1860, and so  most probably its in public domain and can be used. Or may be they have taken the rights. We are desperately waiting for the full song and the story behind it.

Tip – Sahil Rizwan.

  1. kartik says:

    Intresting. Hadnt heard the kalinka link but sounded pretty much like the ‘western’/ catholic songs – namely
    The super Pyaar mein 100 uljhanein by SEL

    Strawberry Aankhein from Sapney (ARR) – WOW

    & of course the puthu puthu bhoomi from Thiruda Thiruda (again ARR)

    In any case dunno if kalinka is in ‘public domain’ but itna toh chalta hai yaar 😛 Dont think VB did a Preetam on it.

    P.S – did anyone notice the Johhny Gaddar Doob ja mere pyaar mein in this song from Anand raaj anand – Bichcho – Watch from the 4th minute

  2. Ramanand says:

    Nice catch. The whole framework was v. familiar, with “Pyaar Mein Sau” (as Kartik points out) being the most previous song to carry the similarity. Reminds me of Salil Chowdhury’s “Dharti Kare Pukaar…Mausam Biita Jaaye” (Do Bigha Zamin) being inspired from “Polyushka Pole”. But will give VB the benefit of doubt, and wait for the CD notes.

  3. jj says:

    Hadn’t heard the Russian song but the tune sounded quite familiar.

  4. Ravi says:

    The folk song is in public domain. But a particular rendering will have its own copyright for its orchestration et al.

    But again, any Russian folk song with a Garmon in it will sound similar.

  5. Navdeep says:

    That’s the tune they had on Tetris!!!!
    Damn I miss my Nintendo.

  6. Super! says:

    Not surprised…Chor!

  7. Anurag Kashyap says:

    the song in the film has a russian background as one of the husbands is a russian army officer.. in russia kalinka is almost an equivalent of sa re ga ma here..
    itna bhi hasty mat ho.. pehle film dekho..

  8. mihir says:

    The question is, would we outrage if Timur Berkhmambetov uses Russian lyrics to the tune of Vande Maataram?

  9. hardik mehta says:

    @kartik – Johnny Gaddar’s Doob ja in peechla janam was used by VB himself in Chachi 420 – the link here:
    hear from 1:50
    its fascinating piano though…

    and guess what..mere dimaag mei bhi ‘kyon ho gaya na’ ka gaaana chal raha tha – ‘pyaar mei sau…’ –

    by the way – the roots of ‘dil toh bachcha hai ji’ can be traced to a french flautist number called bolero by ravel – not sure though – but ek baar suna toh laga…’arey isko thoda aagey badhao..toh dil toh bachcha ho sakta hai…’


    Only a few lines have been heard. The voice and Music seems to be full of thriller. From the above article I came to know that its an outcome of killer combo Ushal Uthap and Rekha Bharadwaj. I am dying to listen the whole song and see.

  11. Neha says:

    Agreed that VB copied the tune from Kalinka but he gave due credit to the original. Unlike Pritam or even Rajesh Roshan.

    • Neha says:

      And yeah….I found out another one. Not only is Darling inspired by Kalinka (at least the credit is given) but the background track of 7 Khoon Maaf sounds eerily similar to “Deliverance” from the movie “1492:Conquest of Paradise” (composed by Vangelis).

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