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Rabbit Hole – Film Recco by Kartik Krishnan

I have interacted with kids in my limited life experience. Cute ones, silly ones, irritating ones, relentlessly curious ones. Haven’t been so fond of most of them but of some of them. The ‘nice’ ones.

Needless to say that is a very biased perception. Because I’m sure the day I become a father, regardless of how cute, ugly, nagging, constantly pottying-pissing, relentlessly crying my kid will be, to put in a cliche he’ll always be “the apple of my eye”.

There are some losses that are irreplacable – that of a loved one. A mother, father, spouse, brother, dear friend. Somehow to me the death of a child has always seemd to be the most painful one.

And somehow, I have always prayed (which is very infrequent and rare) that such a tragedy may never befall on anyone.

How does an urban well to do couple cope up with that loss?

How does the couple cope up with it even after months have passed, since the event?

How much of alcoholism, weed, food, gyming, squash, binging or any of the ‘cathartic’ activities one can do to evade the pain, is enough ?

How does it affect you in the every single most unimaginable way – the conversations with random strangers, your family, your spouse, your daily routine, the most mundane aspects of your life ?

Do you cling on to the memories or do you move on ?

Is it easy to move on ?

Do you still play the blame game even when you know it is pointless to play it since no matter who wins, both have lost?

Do you blame God and say “If my son was such an angel, then why did God take him away from us ? Why didn’t he make one up ? He is God after all”.

Do you drift apart from you spouse and hide the ways you cope up with your depression from him/her – eventually feel guilty as though you were not an aggrieved parent but an infidel ?

There are some films which cease to be films. Which suck you in and you are not thinking about what the director would have said to get such a brilliant performance from the leads, where he would have placed the camera, what the writer wrote and how, who produced the film, how come the film doesn’t have a ‘story’ and yet it is so powerful.

No sir/madam, those questions come after you finish watching this film.

As for me, after I finished watching this film, only one thing came to my mind.

I wanted to go and hug my parents.

Highly highly reccomended this film. Just relax and let the film win you over.

( P.S – I love you Nicole Kidman, for acting in and producing this film. )

( P.P.S – I love the rest of the team associated with this film too 🙂