The remix sound – a tinge of Twang

Posted: June 3, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, music, songs & videos
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Naah, we are not talking about Himesh Reshammiya. Delhi Belly and Shaitan – the two most exciting soundtracks of the season. New sounds, new singers, innovative arrangements and the not-so-mahi-way lyrics. The combo is deadly at places.

One more strange thing has happened with the album of Shaitan. Not sure whose idea was it, or if it was just an accident, but Shaitan has made it possible to catch the culprits who downloaded the songs (btw, who doesn’t?) instead of buying it. But the worst is that it seems even the music critics are doing so. How? Well, one track is missing from the album which is available online. But if you buy the album, there is one extra track – the Hawa Hawai remix. And since most people downloaded the songs, most of them have missed it. Check out Shaitan’s music reviews.

Got to know about it when i played the album on and have been playing it non-stop since then. With a strange twang in her voice, Suman Sridhar gives it a complete makeover. Not sure who is the composer behind the remix as there are four music composers in the album. Here it is…

BTW, remember the new version of “tum jo mil gaye ho” in Coke’s tvc featuring Imran Khan? That’s also Suman Sridhar. Gimme more!

Delhi Belly also has a track which is a kind of experiment with the nasal twang. The immensely talented voice artist Chetan Shashital does a Saigal number and it’s called Saigal Blues. The music director is Ram Sampath. Do check it out.

And if it’s a remix, this is the way to go. No point in buying the rights of a popular classic number and kill it with an item number. Isn’t it all about the sound first? Even Bally Sagoo and Leslie Lewis will agree.

  1. Vikas says:

    Need a review of these albums, they are on my winamp back to back

  2. bipp09 says:

    super albums both: delhi belly / shaitan. love the lyrics especially. such a welcome break from the usual.

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