VOTD : Umesh Kulkarni’s Three Of Us

Posted: June 17, 2011 by moifightclub in cinema, VOTD
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If you are not familiar with Umesh Kulkarni’s cinema (features and shorts), you surely are missing something. And you also don’t have the right to crib about the state of the Indian cinema.

Starting with his FTII diploma film Girni (which bagged three National Awards), Umesh has been constantly making shorts between his features. Here’s Three Of Us, the film which bagged two National Awards ( in Non-fiction category) last year – one for direction and another for cinematography.

  1. Sharath P S says:

    It left me speechless..
    What is the background of this?
    I am just blown..

  2. gautam kishanchandani says:

    me too… completely speechless!

  3. Shazia Malik says:

    Sheer genius!

  4. Sharath P S says:

    Where can I find his other works. Any links for his short films?
    I could find only this much – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RoXMMSbJqQ

    • moifightclub says:

      Sharath – FTII keeps on releasing diploma films on Lensight dvds. Must must watch. Not sure about all his shorts but some of them are there including his diploma film Girni.

  5. kartik krishnan says:

    Superb film. His mom’s smile at the dance sequence – That expression will stay with me for a long time

  6. Linksmill says:

    @kartik krishnan… agreed with you, i liked it too…

  7. Sharath P S says:

    @moifightclub Thanks. Shall hunt down the lensight DVD.

  8. ishaan says:

    First of not to upset anyone the below views are mine and this is a public forum. I believe films are subjective, like music, but we try to fight with people who don’t agree with us over a certain film but we wouldn’t do it as strongly in case of say a song (though this can be debated as well….in the end everything subjective such as creativity is debatable).

    To come to my point, i don’t like this film, because first and foremost this isn’t a film its a documentary (which is a wonderful medium in itself). Here it is the observation of a family (a character in particular) through a purposefully placed camera.

    Ok nothing wrong with that but what really annoys me is that making a film on a disabled person is easy, you already have a strong character (forgive my lack of empathy but i am seeing it from a filmmakers point of view) that people are going to give their hearts out to, you don’t even need to take beautiful shots for it.

    Also what people fail to realise is that story telling is difficult, in fact holding people’s attention with genuine story telling is very hard but harder still is dialogues. Try writing them and you’ll see that it is really an art, to make it sound natural and convincing cause even a misplaced word can throw the viewer off balance and break the feeling of verisimilitude.

    I do not want to lengthen an already long post but i’ll just leave you with one of George Lucas’ quote.
    “Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard.

  9. abhishek badade says:

    thank for this film post. can i get the email id of umesh kulkarni? if u know it, then please tell me. i am a big fan of him.

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