SOTD : Rockstar’s Kun Faaya Kun

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If I ever convert to Islam, put the blame on A R Rahman. Aha, that’s rhyme too. Piya Haji Ali, Maula maula and Khwaja mere khwaja – can play these three songs in non-stop loop.  And Rahman is going in similar territory again, with a new track in Imtiaz Ali’ Rockstar – Kun faaya kun.

Click on the play button and enjoy! It’s sung by Rahman, Mohit Chauhan and Javed Ali.

And here’s the making of the song/video…

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  1. absolute brilliance. the more you listen to this , the more addictive this is geting !!!. another gem by ARR. cant wait for the track to come out…

  2. sharukhkaun says:

    Thanks for posting. Lovely

  3. Sameer says:

    Had it not been for the music,I would’ve converted to some other religion by now…Brilliant song…

  4. Fuck I had goose bumps because of Rahman after such a long time.

  5. @pvijay says:

    What about “Noor-Un-Ala-Noor”? 🙂

  6. You shouldn’t have prefixed it as SOTD but SOTY. And not the Kjo one 😉

  7. khamoshise says:

    I dont understand the euphoria about this track – both music and lyrics at their mediocre best! Imtiaz Ali has done better before – Rashid KHan’s Aaoge Jab Tum from Jab We Met is more soulful – and we have definitely heard better quawwalis without the Guru and Jodha Akbar hangovers – even Rangrez from Tanu Weds Manu (despite my reservations about its ‘originality ‘ claims) is better – at least it sounds fresh !!!!

  8. Fatema says:

    Lovely…beats Piya Haji Ali, Maula Maula and Khwaja for me.

    And superb referencing of Ghalib’s ‘Na tha kuchh toh khuda tha’…Looked up ‘Kun Faayakun’ meaning. Apparently it appears in the Quran and means ‘Be. And it is.’ Explosive. For a film revolving around identity and a Sufi qawaali recalling spirituality. Simply awesome!

  9. Supertramp says:

    The word “Kun faaya Kun” sounds so funny that it takes away a lot from an otherwise very good composition….

  10. kartik krishnan says:


  11. Fatema says:

    Danger alert – KKji ko pasand nahi aaya lagta hain 😛

  12. vivgup says:

    Thanks for posting. How does Rahman come up with songs that grow and grow and grow?

  13. darkndusky says:

    loved it too. rehman starved we are all. pehli line kuch dhakad hoti to badhiya hota…rest tof the song is much more lyrical than the first line which is very simple to gel with the rest of the song. Faya Kun ,might have been German wouldnt have mattered ;P……A different song from the movie sounds dangerously like Nasha from Shaitan….

  14. D! says:

    simply amazing. Rahman saheb knocked it out of the park again!!!

  15. Arthi V says:

    ranbir’s dazed n confused look n expns r just like in WUSid and RocketS….not sure if this is a good thing….

  16. Movie Maniac says:

    This sounds as a pretty repetitive track barring the Mohit Chauhan part in the middle, O Rangrez mere from Tanu weds Manu was definitely more fresh,

  17. prashant says:

    Mediocore at best!!!! Not sure whats all teh excitement is all about….

  18. felinei says:

    “Hum mein Hain hero” song for hero motor bikes is better then this….kidding….but listening to this n comparing it to any song of nusrat or mehdi hussian brothers n other qawalli songs it seems like we are truly a deprived country of good qawallis…rubaru from maqbool was 100 times better then this…so whatever comes we become overwhelmed with it…

  19. felinei says:

    n ranbir really looks like a retard rock star in this film…jannardhan jakhar…indias jim morrison…lol

  20. Sadhu says:

    One of the best songs by Rahman.

  21. Piyush says:

    when does the soundtrack officially come out?

  22. mindcravings says:

    What a beautiful track from A.R.Rahman. Touches your heart and soul and truly proves that music has no boundaries. Even though I found out the meaning of Kun Faya Kun much later, fell in love with this song the moment I heard it.

    Loved it.

  23. roshnidevi says:

    Umm, i think its a naat and not a qawalli

  24. @Rohwit says:

    It is a naat….and beautiful one at that. Sala how did i miss this post??

    Now that the full album is out do hear the way it ends…haunting!

    ARR > God

  25. Nysun says:

    Beautiful and peaceful. Need more words to express but ” Jo bhi mai kehna chahu barbaad karein alpfaaz usse”. o ya ya . Welcome back Rehman

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