MFF 2011 : POTD – Chaser meets its Murder-er

Posted: October 20, 2011 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, Film Festival, pics, POTD, Special
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This has to be the height of cheap thrill. Hong-jin Na, director of the Korean film Chaser, is in Mumbai for the Mumbai Film Festival. And since he has no clue about our Bhatt Factory, which specialises in importing films from across the world to give it a desi makeover, our good friends Mihir Fadnavis and Sudhish Kamath decided to burst the bubble.

Murder 2 was copied from Chaser and so Hong-jin Na was gifted an “original” dvd of the “plagiarised” film.

Sumit Purohit, who has been doing some interesting sketch work based on films, also gifted him a sketch based on Chaser.

  1. ladynimue says:

    I would sure like to know what he thought about the movie .. 😉

  2. Atika Chohan says:

    This post reminds me of my status update but whatever, public forum be sab kuch chalta hai, right 🙂

  3. Dhruv says:

    @People gifting the CD in the pic :- I hate to play a Digvijay SIngh on your originality crusade but i believe you guys are acting little like throwing-stones-on-others-house-when-yours-is-made-of-glass types when the occasional MFC contributor cum respected great original director of todays times Mr AK lifts scenes from short movies and uses in his pathbreaking commercial hit – Dev D (case in point – Abhay Deol eating a cribbing fellow aunty-passenger bus ticket is picked from a oscar winning short movie — )…so will you gift a original dvd of pirated Dev D to the short film maker when he is in town and make the same funny face ….I dont think so ….

    So where do you draw the line on plagiarism ???

    Besides whats the whole point in playing holier than thou fanboys about having watched the original Chaser (Dashing movie no doubt) and poking fun at the desi movie scene when there is little you have contributed to it and – and the same fact is evident in the Korean directors detached face in the pic you have put up.

    The way you can look at it is – with Bhatt camp lifting movie stories is somehow helping the Korean directors brilliant idea reach the average Indian subcontinent film goer who wouldnt give two shits about a korean cult movie….royalties paid or not, as a movie lover this sounds fair game to me !

  4. HR says:

    Excellent comment Dhruv and I agree with you 100%.

    And just FYI, I am NOT Mahesh Bhatt or have anything to do with the Bhatt camp.

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