First Look : Anand Gandhi’s Ship Of Theseus (Three trailers)

Posted: September 4, 2012 by moifightclub in cinema, film, Film Festival, first look, News, Posters, Trailer
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Just before its international premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, the makers of Ship Of Theseus have released three new trailers of the film. Looks damn interesting with some powerful visuals.

If it all seems too confusing to you, click here for its official synopsis and all the other details.

And if you missed its unique posters, we are putting it all here. Click to enlarge.

  1. Vivek says:

    Mazaa aa gaya. We’re in for a treat.

  2. amar khan says:

    OMG rongtay kharay hogaye aftr alongggg time saw such a thing so much complexity yet visually peacefull kaun hai ye anand gandhi aag laga de ga ye world ko its an honour nt for him bt for us the TIFF to watch dis MIND BOGGLIZED!!

  3. arijit says:

    Amazing stuff ! Looking forward !

  4. tejas says:

    This looks just too good.

  5. […] regularly, you don’t need introduction to the debut feature of Anand Gandhi. If not, start here. Going by the synopsis and trailer, book your […]

  6. Rishabh Mall says:

    Hey there! All of the videos are showing up as private. Any idea where I can watch them…

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