VOTD : India is a visual journey – Watch FIVE short films

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As part of the campaign “India is a visual journey”, five filmmakers were commissioned to make five short films. You must have seen the promos of the shorts. Now all the films are online. Do watch and vote for your favourite

1. Hidden Cricket by Shlok Sharma

About the film – A country that is divided in the name of religion, state, language, caste, economy, profession and even god… breathes together, stands together in the name of CRICKET!

A sport that defines the country. Cricket is in our blood and rules our hearts. A synonym to passion — cricket redefines enthusiasm, craze, zeal and excitement. We are a nation that loves cricket, lives cricket, beyond conventions and beyond rules, from breaking boundaries to breathtaking highs, a million cheers and a zillion sighs, such is the madness, such is the passion to play it anywhere, any day, all the time, all the way. Cricket is our way of life!

2. The Epiphany by Neeraj Ghaywan

About the film – After their college reunion in Pune, a divorced couple is forced to take a ride together to Mumbai. As they meet an old woman on the highway in desperate need of help, their disparate sense of morality, culture and class creates friction, scraping the wounds of past that they thought was long gone. Some journeys may not take you anywhere, but you do move on.

3. Moi Marjani by Anubhuti Kashyap

About the film – A spirited independent single mother struggles on a daily basis to provide a comfortable life to her son and herself. She runs a small Internet cafe in Patiala, Punjab for a living, and is an Internet user herself. The film highlights a phase in her life when love comes knocking on her door. If only its timing was right!

4. Geek Out by Vasan Bala

About the film – The dual lives we lead, that virtual alter ego we all have nurtured and empowered, The Indian “Geek” today is no longer that lad who sat in a corner. He could be that carefully framed pic on Instagram to that deadly opinionated Twitter handle or maybe that pop philosophy spitting Facebook page or that revolutionary blog that was created to change the world or just plain drowned into the Audio-Visual black hole “You-Tube”. Day dreaming now has a new address, the world wide web. Dream on ! May the force be with the Geek!

5. Chai by Geentanjali Rao

About the film – The film is a sequence of montages that shows four different people making tea in a tea shop. A ten year old boy selling tea in Bombay at the Gateway Of India, An 18 year old girl with her tea shop in a mid level town, A 19 year old Kashmiri lad in a Barrista and An 80 year old man’s tea shop in a busy Kerala bus stand.

The film is a view of rapid change that India is going through and what it means to those people whose faces we never notice as we go along sipping our cup of tea everyday. Tea like the people of India changes with every language, culture, climate yet serves the same purpose everywhere always. A constant in a flux.

– And do VOTE for your favourite short. You can vote for as many shorts as you like, there’s no limit.

  1. Akshay Shaha says:

    All are amazing films……

  2. abhishek says:

    Moi Marjaani! Wow! Maidaan ke bahar de maara hai! This should be awarded somewhere.

    The Epiphany reminded of A Separation opening conversation.

  3. gitanjali rao.. respect !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    loved all of them.. but Moi Marjani & Epiphany are the best

    • Raj. Rocker says:

      My Personal feeling About Epiphany:-

      Actin Vice:- Sindhutai Satpal Gr8t Actres (Old Wmen) Cud have usd her mor
      Nicly,Guy Actin ws Avrage n sund Delibratly at some Places, Wmen Actin was k, Smal Boy ws Movig whn he ws Unconscios ..
      Technclly:- BG Scre was week n also in Beggin it Clearly Appears as Dubed.
      Stry wise :- I was Expectin 95% Movie in car and rst 5 percent may be outside car. Bt Ovr al Nce Attept, Its Difficlt 2 write 2 ppl conversation 4 lng time,I undrstnd.
      Good Attempt.. Cheers Best of Luck for Future :–)

  5. Nishith says:

    Great talent all of them. Geek out is on trip of its own. Hope we get to see Peddlers sometime soon. Anubhuti, you hit the perfect emotional chords. Chai – every dream is precious and every one has a story… Wow. Thanks cilemasnob.

  6. In ‘MOI MARJANi’ the guy says he has come to CHANDIGARH to meet her and will stay there for some days in one scene and then in another scene she thanks him fr coming to PATIALA to meet her :O :O :O Poor !

  7. shaan says:

    Chandigarh to Patiala is 67 km. Arijit. Its like coming to Andheri from Thane if you are in Mumbai.

    • Shalaka Pathak says:

      distance between Andheri to Thane is 24 kms … its silly comparing it with Chandigarh to Patiala to hide the blunder in the dialogue

    • rajiv says:

      epiphany is best ..the actress is way good and the actor is quite confident ..simply loved it.

  8. Epiphany
    Moi Marjani
    Hidden Cricket
    Geek Out

  9. Moi Marjani wins hands down for me. Kanika is a find! Her friend was too good as well. Loved Epiphany for the conversations, Ratnabali, Jyoti Subhash and the background score. I’m sorry but Suhaas came across as shrieky. The guy in Hidden Cricket who strikes the ball with the cab door has a face of an actor, a very intense one at that! Have we seen him before?

    Cheers to all the five makers for their individual craft. We, the cinema lovers would love to see a full feature now 🙂

    Moi Marjani
    Hidden Cricket
    Geek Out

    • amrit raj says:

      epiphany and moi marjaani are natural.. and I even liked Chai.. Geek out is a bit over the top..Although the cinematography and visual effects are good but I felt it could not convey the message which has been written in the blog…

  10. The Epiphany is The Bestest ! Voted

  11. jhonmoy says:

    Moi Marjani was awesome! Followed by Epiphany.

    PS: Moi as in Mui? Right?

  12. Siddhartha says:

    Isn’t there a way to limit voting once per person/ip adress whatever… otherwise it’s pointless to have polls.
    I only voted once, so it’s fair to the filmmakers.
    Moi Marjaani
    Hidden Cricket
    The Epiphany (did someone else think of Farhadi as well while watching ?? 😉 )

  13. Liked Moi Marjani follwoed by Epiphany

  14. Hidden Cricket’s music: very Rahmanesque!
    And loved Geek Out’s photography!

  15. Andy says:

    I really liked Chai and hated The Epiphany.I can’t understand how so many people have liked it.
    That’s why I watched it twice..it was amateurish and so fake.And the people who are comparing it with “A separation” makes me laugh.It’s a mockery of A Separation to say the least.That lecture on morals and this and that..oh my god.

  16. Chai is just an extension of Gitanjali Rao’ film Girgit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMcSfOinlqo .Anyways The Epiphany and chai are the best among the rest,the others are just crappy

  17. Chai > Moi Marjaani > The Epiphany > Geek Out > Hidden Cricket

  18. Vasan dude, start was bad. Never start a story with a metaphor. That Epiphany one doesn’t match with the plot. Pure plot me dekha jaaye toh there were many epiphanies or na samjha jaaye toh ek bhi epiphany nahi.. Kam shabdon me ye samjho it failed…. despite good direction by Neeraj… Chai was forced and so was Moi Marjani kuchh hadd tak.. Cricket was typical filler types… should have been 3rd in ur list… Ho toh bhi mazaa , naa ho toh koi shikwa nahi.. Overall Moi Marjani wins.

  19. And as I voted for andhon me kaana raja Moi Marjani, I saw Epiphany as 2nd … Haha… that movie had no Epiphany per se, or may be many like I said before… Moreover, it seemed forced…

    Technically, the boy though supposedly unconscious throws his arm around Suhas whilst stepping out of the car..

  20. Puneet says:

    Moi Marjani ki writing wakey hi badi achi h..ek strong women ko potray krne ki koshish ki h jo andar se pyar ki kami ko puri krna chahti h..cyber cafe mein ye online dating bht hi common paya jata h isliye use add krna ekdum logical h..background score minimal aur shi jagah pe use kia h..film ka bade sense mein socha jaye to mere hisab se yeh h ki hum log imperfect h aur yahi humein dusre imperfect logo ke karib lata h..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Moi marjani, chai, the epiphany.

  22. Swapnil says:

    Moi Marjani along with chai made me go WOWWW in terms of plain writing!! Geek out was a grand trippp!! Epiphany was PATCHY IMHO!! And why was color corrction so weird in epiphany?? Any specific reason??

  23. Anonymous says:

    moi marjani winner all the way,no editing complex camera bullshiting,simple storytelling and what a performance..:D bravo

  24. Apoorv says:

    Don’t think as an amateur I have any rights to comment on the professional work, especially when they are showing their work for free, kuchh kahna would be very similar to the situation when bhai log torrentiya film dekhkar kahte hain – dhuttt print theek nahi iska!

    Well this tyro salutes the efforst of all the 5 filmmakers….I could only remember a comment from a UTV countryhead – Sala Salman jitna zor aga de, ek Last Train to Mahakali nahi bana sakta – These 5 movies would be a milestone in the recent history of Indian cinema and would inspire those dreamers who not only dream but know the meaning of this famous saying by Wright brothers – “those who believe in their dreams, get their dreams true.”

    Thanks Anubhuti, Shlok, Gitanjali, Vasan sir and Haiwan sahab….

    and special shanyavadam to the Guru from bee-echchu for kirket ka gana – ekdam uchchagam, ekdam ullasam, mahamastam, ahahahahahahahummm 🙂

  25. SANJAY BRAHMA says:


  26. […] You can watch Neeraj’s short films Shor and Epiphany here and here. And click here to read a post by him on the making of […]

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