Coke Studio at MTV (Season 3) – Will it deliver?

Posted: August 3, 2013 by moifightclub in music, Preview, television
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Coke Studio

Over to our MusicMan Rohwit for some saturday musings.

After a near disastrous season 1 and an ‘almost’ salvaging Season 2, Coke Studio At MTV is back with Season 3. This time the season boasts of big names like A R Rahman, Papon and Amit Trivedi. Other musicians include the very talented Ram Sampath, Salim- Sulaiman, Hitesh Sonik and Clinton Cerejo.

We all know that big names do not cut much if they aren’t used well. Still, below is what we know for sure.

7 episodes with one composer each, out of which 6 episodes have 6 songs and 1 episode has 5.

Last episode with 6 different producers/bands putting up one song each.

47 songs in the season.

No composer gets repeated across episodes.

Some vocalists get repeat episodes including Kailash Kher (please innovate this time?) and Vijay Prakash who feature as singers on more than one episode.

Some musicians of the band including (but not limited to) Warren, Rushad, Jarvis, Darshan, Lindsay, Sanjoy Das and Tapas get featured in more than one episode.

Even the website this time round has a complete feel to it and that’s a good thing.

We don’t know the full details of who all will collaborate with Amit Trivedi and AR Rahman. The  ‘Zariya’ video with Ani Choying Drolma and Farah Siraj was just splendid to say the least! The arrangement, the fusion and the  overall presentation didn’t lack anything.No one was posing for the camera and the lights weren’t distracting at all. Gushfest allegations aside, my heart raced at around 6:32 minutes when Farah air-removes the evil eye on A R Rahman to which he smiles.

It would be exciting to see the collaboration and presentation this season because the buzz has gone into almost an overkill with too many youtube ‘session videos’ around. Amidst all the names, what intrigues (and quite frankly scares us a little bit) is the inclusion of Salim-Sulaiman and it is not because of the composers, it is because of the bollywood fest the season 1 turned out to be. We certainly aren’t looking at a long session of ‘Shukran allah’ from the composers and hope they are aware of it. We love everything about the folk that is Rajasthani and Punjabi. Still, there is much more left to be explored (even within Rajasthani and Punjabi) and may be they will present it to us.

There isn’t just one way to present ‘fusion’. While our neighbours have raised the bar very high in a quiet and understated manner, we hope that season 3 gives us a little more of music and a little less ‘hype’ around the names. Showcasing talent from across the regions and that too melodiously, is what Coke Studio is all about and if after the end of Coke Studio India season 3, we remember fondly at least 7 new singers and some genres that we were unaware of previously (Thanks to excessive bollywood-ized in-take of music), we think the job of musically erasing season 1 completely from our minds would have been accomplished.

Trivia – Last year, in this interview, Rohail Hyatt (the creator of Coke Studio Pakistan) hinted at a joint presentation of India-Pakistan artists in a Coke Studio India Session. Whatever happened to that?



So what are your expectations from this season of desi Coke Studio?

  1. Could not agree more with your assessment Rohit…well put. Zariya is simply splendid and has raised my expectations of ARR’s episode to sky high levels. Have to say…I almost wish ARR would develop the first part of Zariya (till about 3.42) in to a longer piece on its own without the faster fusion latter part…it is so so soothing.

  2. Liked it 🙂 🙂

  3. Chirag says:

    Pakistan coke studio have made captions on Youtube videos for some songs with lyrics and English translation so its easy for us to understand the songs. Whereas Indian counterparts has done nothing apart from just uploading the songs on Youtube. As in India languages are a lot diverse, its the need of the hour.

    • @Rohwit says:

      Yes it took them around 4 seasons to come with that idea (And youtube to allow that if I am right) but this is a super idea!

      • chirag says:

        Thanks, It is off the topic but searched on wiki and found difference between closed captioning and subtitles.

        “Subtitles” assume the viewer can hear but cannot understand the language or accent, or the speech is not entirely clear, so they only transcribe dialogue and some on-screen text.

        Closed captions are more than just text displayed on the bottom of a screen to represent the dialog of a video. They can also include environmental sounds like birds singing, phones ringing, people knocking on doors, etc. (Designed for deaf people) (I always wondered why they wrote knocking on door in subtitle as i can easily hear it)
        Sourece- (Wiki &

  4. Zico Ghosh says:

    Here’s the list for Amit Trivedi:

    Drums – Darshan, Guitar – Warren, Guitar- Bappi, Keys – Jarvis, Amit Trivedi, Bass – Rushad, Saaz – Tapas, Algoza – Sukhjinder, Shankar Tucker, Israj – Arshad Khan, Beat Boxer.

    Bob, Tanvi Shah, Neeti Mohan, Amit Trivedi, Tochi Raina, Banvri Devi, Kishan Kumar

  5. themitr says:

    Yes! Why still no free downloads?

  6. kavi says:

    no atif aslam no coke studio… sorry i can’t watch without atif

  7. […] Coke Studio at MTV (Season 3) – Will it deliver? […]

  8. Srishty seth says:

    Reallyy it will be soo boring if atif aslam will not sing..really disappointed..

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