Jagran Film Festival (24-29 September) – schedule out

Posted: September 16, 2013 by moifightclub in Film Festival, News
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Jagran Film Festival has announced its Mumbai schedule. The festival will run from 24th to 29th September. You can register yourself here. There’s no registration fee.

The venue for the fest is Fun Republic, Andheri (West). The schedule follows. If you can’t read the titles clearly, do click on the schedule.



  1. nagrathnam says:

    And if you like to see it datewise (like how I do), you can download the datewise sorted schedule at

  2. sinscorsese7 says:

    thnk u… for this
    could u pls guide me to get the link to book tickets?

  3. Rohit Narwekar says:

    Can you guys blog
    or Write a lil section for good
    films to watch out for. I am
    confused. Hope Dont miss good
    movies. Recco Please 🙂

  4. Can you please post a link to book the tickets, i really want to see some of the films.

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