Sholay 3D Trailer – Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Posted: November 8, 2013 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, WTF
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Not the trailer. Or the 3D conversion. But the credit plates in the new trailer of the film for it 3D release.

This is the first credit plate that appears in the new trailer.



And there’s more.


Wondering what happened to G P Sippy, Ramesh Sippy, Salim-Javed and R D Burman? Well, take out your microscope and see if you can find their names. This one appears after the one at the top.


If you still haven’t seen the trailer, here it is.

So what do you call it?

  1. Moronic
  2. Mistake
  3. Pettiness
  4. Travesty
  5. Bizzare
  6. Surreal
  7. Lack of respect
  8. WTF
  10. All of the above

Strange. Someone clearly thought “PEN” is mightier than THE Sholay.

A really sad day in the history of Indian cinema.


  1. Aditya says:

    Is it just me or did certain parts of the trailer look a bit enhanced( for the lack of better word) for a more 3D effect? For some reason this doesn’t feel like the Sholay we all know and revere.

  2. paapaas says:

    Too much free time.

  3. Someone, somewhere. says:

    11. Greed

  4. Rajesh Shah says:

    Wow … just realized … the trailer of Sholay is far most exciting and watchable than most of the movies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    cmon something on satya 2 plssss

  6. J Hurtado says:

    There were CG elements added to enhance the 3D

  7. sirisha says:

    Sorry to write something unrelated to the post but dont know where else to put it. DD is showing award-winning feature films and documentaries on DD National at 11pm every Sunday and Monday. Can you please post about it so that fellow film lovers dont miss the chance to catch some good movies.

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