Best of 2013 – Script of Hansal Mehta’s film ‘Shahid’

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As we have done in the past, this year too we are trying to source the scripts of some of the best films of the year. As most of you know, the scripts of Hollywood films are easily available online, even the unreleased ones. But we don’t have any such database for Hindi or Indian films. So that has been the primary reason for this initiative. And it has been possible because some of the filmmakers have been very supportive about it. It’s only for educational purpose and much like the spirit of the blog, is a complete non-profitable exercise.

Who doesn’t love a great comeback story. Hansal Mehta’s Shahid was exactly that. The filmmaker who gave us Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar, he came back with a terrific portrayal of lawyer and activist Shahid Azmi. It emerged as one of the strongest and best reviewed films of the year. No wonder it’s in Top 5/10 list of most reviewers and journalists.

Thanks to Hansal Mehta, we are sharing the script of the film Shahid today. Read, share, learn, and have fun.

Film – Shahid

Story – Based on real life story of Shahid Azmi

Screenwriter – Sameer Gautam Singh

Additional Screenplay – Apurva Asrani and Hansal Mehta

Here’s an interesting anecdote that Hansal shared with us – This was a draft when the film did not have a title. RGV saw the cover page and thought ‘Based On A True Story’ was the title and for nearly 3 schedules it became the working title of the film.

  1. Aamir Pasha says:

    perfect, and thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Pratik says:

    Interesting. I read somewhere about it that the earlier draft employed a non-linear storyline. And later it was decided that the narrative should be linear.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a ton. A great initiative.

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