Mumbai Gets A New Film Center – Matterden Center for Films and Creation

Posted: July 7, 2014 by moifightclub in cinema, News
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The idea of the Matterden Center For Films And Creations (CFC) is to break the barriers of conventional movie watching, and renewing the experience with Creativity, Computation Clarity and Surprise.

Matterden CFC will try to engage people through a collaborative film viewing, incubating and filmmaking platform, secret screenings, workshops, discussions, and help upcoming filmmakers with technological know-how and support on various films. Not just limited to exhibition of films, it is a place for film creation too.


Matterden CFC starts on 11th July 2014. To begin with, one film will be released every week with one evening show every single day at the Matterden FC. ‘A Line of Classics for Mumbai’ is the first collection that will be screened and it will start with De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves, considered one of the most important works in cinema.


Various important filmmakers, international film studios and friends from the film and tech community have pledged their support for this space and with their support, from September 2014, Matterden CFC will shift gears and Mumbai will see slew of advance screenings of Indian independent films, documentary films and workshops by animators and filmmakers as well as some the most engaging films from across the world.


People working for the Enlighten Society were happy running the NGO screening great films when the owners of The Deepak: Lower Parel invited and offered them this newly renovated amazing cinema space. Overwhelmed, and wanting to turn their passion into business, the Enlighten guys started Matterden.


For the collection ‘A Line of Classics for Mumbai’, the introductory price for most of tickets will only be Rs.100.

Also, due to collaboration with the Enlighten Society for films, one can watch a film for free every week if you buy their membership (no strings attached). The Enlighten Society membership would be available for a discounted price of Rs. 3500 (otherwise Rs. 5000).


Matterden CFC, The Deepak: Lower Parel, Mumbai


Twitter: @Matter_den

Website: (details coming soon)

Phone: +91 22 40150621

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