In Solidarity With The Actor

Posted: September 5, 2014 by moifightclub in Open Letter

We have been greatly disturbed by the harsh reporting on a former child actor’s alleged involvement in a prostitution racket.

All of us know how difficult it is for young child actors trying to find a foothold in this industry as adults. We urge the media to refrain from treating her life as gossip for their viewers/readers.

We also request the film fraternity to empathise rather than judge or label her. Somewhere, we are all accountable for the disillusionment of one so young.

All of us stand in complete solidarity with this fine National-award winning actor of immeasurable talent.

Vishal Bharadwaj
Karan Johar
Imtiaz Ali
Abhishek Kapoor
Rensil D’Silva
Amole Gupte
Honey Trehan
Nandini Shrikent
Preety Ali
Aarti Bajaj
Namrata Rao
Deepa Bhatia
Amrita Puri
Abhishek Chaubey
Makarand Deshpande
Shreyas Talpade
Abbas Tyrewala
Elahe Hiptoola
Akiv Ali
Dipa De Motwane
Hitesh Sonik
Nupur Asthana
Vishal Dadlani
Soumik Sen
Mahendra Soni
Sneha Rajani
Luv Ranjan

  1. Divya Unny says:

    i just wonder where many of these filmmakers were when she was looking for work. I believe many of them worked with her when she was little. Signing a petition may not really change what she’s had to go through. So let this be a reminder to each one of us in the film business to extend support to anyone who is in need. Lets not just get so involved in our own successes that we turn a harsh blind eye to our co-artists. Even those who have proven their talent time and again.

    • Ameya says:

      I am not sure what exactly is being implied here. Are you saying that the film makers should have supported her with charity or given her work out of pity even if they thought she did not fit the bill?

  2. mostlycinema says:

    The best way to help good actors is to make good films and not commercial products.Unfortunately some of the signatories are complete hypocrites.

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