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Haider – Crowdsourced Art

Posted: October 6, 2014 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema

Best thing about any great film is that it’s always inspirational. It inspires others to create, write, draw. It engages you, and the more you scratch, you discover new things and you love it more. And since we are still on Haider, here are some of the best reactions on the film – some in words, some in sketches.


अंधे झगड़ रहे हैं हाथी की शक्ल को ले ;
हर शख़्स अड़ा उसी पर जो हाथ में आया !

by @Manish

by @JB


Minimal posters by Muktinath Vishwakarma. via Minimal Bollywood Posters


Minimal posters by Muktinath Vishwakarma and Madhuparna Guha. via Minimal Bollywood Posters

Ghazala is Kashmir
Kashmir is Ghazala

by @Anand

Hum hai ya nahi,
sawal ka jawab bhi sawaal hai,
main hoon ya main nahin,
To be or not to be.

Ghazala is half-married,
half-widowed is Ghazala,
Ghazala is Kashmir,
Kashmir is Ghazala.
Haider her soul,
Khurram her body.

Death is Kashmir,
Kashmir is death,
death is Aazaadi,
celebration is death,
arey aao na, so jaao na.

Haider is madness,
innocence is Haider,
Haider is longing,
longing is Haider,
bada hai dard ka rishta.

Death is Jhelum
Jhelum hua laal laal
laal laal hua Jhelum
Jhelum saves rooh
life is Jhelum
Jhelum hua khaara.

Ghazala is mother,
lover is Ghazala,
Ghazala is Kashmir,
Kashmir is Ghazala.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s Signature Image

Spotted by @JahanBakshi

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