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WTF! XXX Rated Adult Sex Comedy!

Posted: February 4, 2015 by moifightclub in News
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The headline is just to grab your attention. Because we are the #clickwhore generation. What else do you expect? And to see if sex still sells. And hopefully it will get Panditji’s attention too.

(The video links in this article are on an adult nature)

 A few weeks ago, All India Bakchod, a group of stand ups who also have a highly popular Youtube channel decided to organise a celebrity roast, hosted by Bollywood’s darling Karan Johar, the AIB team and a few invitee roasters.

The main guests to be roasted that night were actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

The evening was a sellout crowd of 4000 people, all tax paying adult citizens of Bombay who laughed their guts out and came back home.

A few months later AIB put a censored version of this roast online on their channel and served up 4 million views in a matter of a few days.

From its very inception everyone who went to the evening and everyone who clicked the link knew it was a comedy of a highly adult and risqué nature.

Today some unknown Brahman Sena head got up and filed a complaint against Karan Johar, Ranveer and Arjun and AIB.

The government of Maharashtra’s minister for culture is now ‘probing’ criminal charges against this group.

Before they embark on this highly moronic venture, I would like to point out why AIB is very much part of Indian culture and actually show you the proof.

I will not talk about Khajurao, Konark and Kamasutra etc as that is too passé.

I shall talk about comedy or ‘vyang’ as it is called in Hindi, which is the ‘national’ language.

Many centuries ago people realized civilized society is not the true face of its people. It is only a mask of civility that they wear and sometimes that mask needs to come off where everyone let out their true feelings and be themselves and then life went back to being normal the next day.

It started as Madanotsav where people would crack highly sexual jokes as well as indulge in extremely sexual behavior, let it all out off the system and go back home. This later became Vasantotsav and today it is known as Holi.

Then and today you have people singing loudly Kabira and Phag (Holi songs) with clear sexual innuendos. I am everyone has heard one of them sung by Amitabh Bachchan in Silsila ‘Rang barse bheegi chunarwaali rang barse’

‘Hasya Kavi Sammelans’ are held al over India were poets regale pubic with humour ranging from very civil to bawdy.

Here is an example from our prime minister Mr Modi’s contistuency of Varanasi

In fact stand up is big in Mr Modi’s hometown of Ahmadabad too, here is a young lady reciting some sexually laced funny ones

In Haryana, women aren’t any less this is a small sample

Also specially for our Maharshtraian custodians of culture a lovely double meaning qawalli in Marathi and I am sure you have heard of the huge local stand up talent that exists whose brilliant stand up in the Marathi language has had audiences holding their sides for years now as well as the Lavani performances.

Weddings are as Indian as it can get I am sure you will agree. Please ask your wives or any women in the family about the culture of sangeet especially in the North, where the ladies from the girls side during sangeet sing out the choicest abuses and laced songs about every member of the boys family and let out steam.

The minister of culture knows this for a fact because he must have read Tulsidas’s Ramayan which talks about the songs actually referred to as ‘gaalis’ which the women were singing during Lord Rama’s marriage.

I am sure you have heard of the famous Tepa Samelan held every year in Ujjain. This is the complete video for your perusal of the howlarious event in 2013.

We used to have a poet called Chirkin who used to write civilized shers but when that didn’t sell he decided to write about sex and everything that was best left in toilets. Here is an example of Chirkin shayari famous all over India.

The AIB roast that took place had Karan Johar headlining it and his mother sat in the front row. I have a question for our governmental machinery, are you bigger than his mother? Or has the state taken on the role of parents to govern the behavior of its adult citizens?

Each and every member on the stage and of the audiences was an adult who went in knowing what they were about to experience and they had no complaints.

But Akhilesh Tiwari, president of this organization called the Brahman Ekta Seva Sanstha decided to watch it on Youtube knowing its adult nature and decided to press criminal charges, like cockroaches who crawl out off the woodwork every time there is a political or financial opportunity or simply scapegoats of their masters who have decided to don the mantle of protectors of Indian culture and values.

If the government is really bothered about saving Indian culture then stop the culture of rape, stop the culture of corruption, stop the culture of goondaism, stop the culture of burning churches and mosques, the state has no right to come into our homes and teach us lessons in moral science and Indian values.

But this time I hope this case goes to court and I hope the lawyers of all accused shame these so called moral guardians who know nothing about Indian culture or history and it is time that they got a tongue lashing in public by the courts so that the next time a Tiwari sees something that offends him he stays home.

To all those who have a problem with things that offend you, I have only one thing to say…Don’t watch it!

Suparn Verma

 (The article was first posted on Rediff)