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screenwriting-215x300This is for all those who keep complaining that it’s difficult being a writer in Bollywood, especially if you are a new one looking for a break. Trinity Pictures (under Eros International) is looking for full time writers. So here it goes.

Here’s screenwriter and mentor Shridhar Raghavan’s post on the same. He will be mentoring the writers for the same.

WHAT : Trinity Pictures headed by Ajit Thakur, the newly setup motion pictures division of Eros International, focusing primarily on Franchises, is looking to recruit full time writers for the Trinity Writers Room. The idea is to develop concepts, stories and scripts.

HOW : To apply you have to write a brief review of any two out of these three films – Badlapur, Ranjhanaa, Happy Ending.

Additionally, write a scene that you think could fit into any of the above films keeping in mind the spirit of he original. For example, say in Badlapur, you could think of an additional scene between Varun and Nawaz or between Varun and his wife or anything else – even a different ending. Imagine a scene that couldn’t make it to the film and was left out at the edit.

This is to clarify to those calling in and writing in who were confused.

LOCATION : It’s not restricted to Mumbai. Anyone from anywhere in the country can apply.

CONTACT : You can address queries and send submissions to

DEADLINE : Friday, 12th June, 2015. But if it extends a day or two, no stress. The idea is to access as many writers as possible.

Cheers and happy writing.