READ : FTII’s Notice To Students – Stop Strike Or Will Be Rusticated

Posted: July 15, 2015 by moifightclub in News
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With the Government in no mood to replace Gajendra Chauhan, FTII has now gone ahead with a strict warning to the students. The Director of the institute has issued a notice to the students asking them to stop the strike or face severe consequences. This is so weird and wrong at so many levels, especially when so many film talents across the board and alumni of the institute are also backing the students demands.


Oscar and BAFTA Award winning sound designer Resul Pookutty was among those who criticized the latest move by FTII.

  1. gene hain says:

    resul pookutty must be an alumini of this institute. if he is selfmade than he should abstain from tweeting of what he has tweeted

  2. anand Sashidharan says:

    Why do the students seek refuge in these appointed elites or aluminis of the institute.They are fishing in troubled waters to make a name for themselves. Ultimately the students will pay with their future. The selection of the chairman is the prerogative of the elected govt.If ppl have an issue with Modiji,they must take him on face to face instead of such cowardly attitude of firing from the shoulders of naive students.

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