Christopher Doyle at MFF, 2015 – Quotes from Masterclass + Q & A

Posted: November 4, 2015 by moifightclub in cinema, Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, Q & A, World Cinema
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Legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle is at Mumbai Film Festival this year. He screened his film Hong Kong Trilogy, and did a Masterclass as well.

Doyle is a complete performing artiste. And it’s great fun to watch him talk. As expected, he was in his true colours in both the Q and A, and the Masterclass. In his session, he showed clips and videos while he talked about his art, craft, life, and inspiration. As the security guys at the theatre kept panicking, Doyle didn’t give a fuck (with liberal use of the word in every second sentence) as he kept guzzling his beer.

Here are some of the interesting quotes from his Masterclass. The tweets are embedded, you don’t need to click the links. Just wait and let them load to see the text, or refresh.

(DivingBATB – The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. Blue is Derek Jarman’s film. HPotter – Harry Potter. WKW – Wong Kar-wai)

And here are some quotes from his post-screening Q and A of Hong Kong Trilogy.

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