WATCH : Title Sequence of ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’ Which Censor Board Didn’t Want You To See

Posted: December 30, 2015 by moifightclub in cinema
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Among the many ways the Censor Board (CBFC) butchered Pan Nalin’s film Angry Indian Goddesses, this one was priceless. They had objection to the entire opening credits of the film. For us, a good opening title sequence is a thing of beauty. And lot of effort goes into making it. How to explain it to the board which believes that any reference to Gods should be wiped out. The makers had no option but to blur all the Gods in the entire film and the opening title sequence. So if you saw the film in the theatres, all you saw was the credits with a completely blur background.

Anyway, here’s the good news. The opening credit which was blurred is now online. Also, Art Of The Title site, which is great resource for title sequences of films/tv show, has featured it in their Top 10 title sequences of the year.

Click here to watch it on full screen or click here to go to Art Of Title page and scroll down to number 5.

Here is the credit list for the sequence

Studio: Plexus
Creative Director / Motion Graphics Artist: Vijesh Rajan
Associate Motion Graphics Artist: Yashoda Parthasarthy
Music by: Ram Sampath
Edited by: Shreyas Beltangdy

  1. aasman says:

    the C in cbfc stands for Chutiya. Bunch of chuts being headed by the god of all chuts.

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