Amaal Mallik on “The Vicious Cycle Of Our Music Industry”

Posted: September 6, 2016 by moifightclub in bollywood, music

383017-amaal-mallik-1Amaal Mallik has emerged as one of the most promising new music talents in the last few years. In just a short span of time, he has delivered some really chart buster songs.

In his latest FB post, he has written about the music industry and its bitter truth. In an industry where nobody really speaks the truth, it’s quite refreshing to see a young talent speaking his heart out. Do read.

The vicious cycle of our music industry

Music that is promoted heavily tends to become a earworm and eventually becomes a hit….More people request for it on the radio, as they dunno any better.

Jo Dikhta Hain Woh Bikta Hain, and jo Bikta Hain woh Aur Dikhta hain and the cycle continues…..

And we all think ‘Yeh Hain Naya Hit Gaana’….

Sorry but YouTube Views, iTune downloads and Radioplay is not the only yardstick, Even I keep putting posts saying 1M 2M views but that’s because we all are stuck in the new social trappings, which we can’t do much about,but we can atleast work towards making newer music.

Listening to my own music and what bollywood is churning out since 2 years now, sparing a few good albums like – Badlapur, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kapoor & Sons, Fitoor, Uḍta Punjab, Baar Baar Dekho, Sultan & Banjo recently…..

Every love song today sounds like Aashiqui 2, every wedding song a Chittiyaṅ Kalaiyaan, every club song a Chaar Baj Gaye or Subah Hone Na De, or a Sooraj Dooba Hain or a Chull…..

There is so much of music within me, and all of us as composers that is dying to come out but it’s not commercial enough for the labels or the producers.

We have all forgotten our own inner voice because of others…..Others who decide whether we will compose for a certain film or will be humiliated and thrown out of it….

Directors have lost their voice and are going to labels and begging for a hit song….This is not how things were, where is the confidence of the captain of the ship ?

If labels are deciding the music of films (Almost All), where the music needs to be a chartbuster and the story doesn’t matter it’s okay, but what about a soundtrack that has to be honest to the script ?????

I think the Director, Music composer, Lyricist and the label guys should create something special for a film instead of putting stock music…..

All of them should be jamming together, which is next to impossible to achieve, but that’s what will change it…..

That’s how we will achieve a score that will work with the film & in time become a radio hit too.

Not trying to hurt any body, I’m sure many lyricists and composers will agree with me….

Just need to plan a way forward….

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…..Peace !

  1. @Rohwit says:

    Much respect for the man, though all his songs sound the same, chartbusters sorts, too sanitized and devoid of soul. That said, It is commendable that he has said this. He sounds like someone who wants to break the clutter and we cannot appreciate him enough for that. Most others walk away dissing bollywood music but secretly hoping for a film opportunity. Have said it too many times and will repeat – India needs a good strict music producer. There is just so much talent here…

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