NFDC Film Bazaar Recommends 32 Films In The “Viewing Room”

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NFDC Screenwriter's Lab

The 10th edition of NFDC Film Bazaar will run from November 20th to 24th 2016. It’s  a development bazaar created exclusively to encourage collaboration between the international and South Asian film fraternity. The Bazaar is focused on discovering, supporting and showcasing South Asian content and talent, in the realm of filmmaking, production and distribution.

 – The Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR) 32 films out of 164-feature length films (131 fiction features and 33 documentaries) submitted to the Viewing Room this year.

– It includes 5 feature length documentaries and 27 fiction features in 14 languages (including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Arabic, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tamil, Assamese, Dari, Pahadi and Japanese).

– This year Viewing Room has received films in 6 rare language films (including 3 rare language FBR Films) in Film Bazaar. The 6 rare languages are The Gold-Laden Sheep & The Sacred Mountain in Pahadi, The Bioscopewala in Dari, Sonar Baran Pakhi in Rajbangshi, Dongar Dei Paribi Naahin in Kui, Kho Ki Pa Lu in Chokri, and River Song in Shertukpen. There is also a silent film, The East Wind submitted to the Viewing Room.

– The 32 FBR filmmakers will pitch their trailers at the ‘Investor’s Pitch’ held on 22nd and 23rd November.

– The films submitted in Viewing Room are either just completed or still in progress, to be completed in 2017. Almost a 100 films presented at the Viewing Room are awaiting a world premiere and 60 are still in progress. Many of these films are looking for world sales agents, film festivals, buyers and distributors and also gap financing through co-producers and investors.


Viewing Room (VR) – 202 films in 19 different languages 

– 202 films in 19 different languages are presented in the Viewing Room reflecting the exciting diversity of South Asia as a cinema-producing region. In 2015, a total of 156 films were presented in the ‘Viewing Room’.

– 202 films in VR include 164-feature length films (131 fiction features and 33 documentaries) and 38 short films.

– The film bazaar is also giving a platform to a record number of over a 100 debut directors, thus is the largest showcase of fresh budding directorial talent from South Asia.

– There are also 38 short films, with duration under 60 minutes, which are available to watch in the Viewing Room.

– Out of the 32 FBR films, 4 films are also selected in the WIP Lab. These are Nimmo by Rahul Shanklya, Once Again by KanwalSethi, The Bioscopewala by Deb Medhekar and The Gold-Laden Sheep & the Sacred Mountain by RidhamJanve

– The FBR films are as following:


1) Nimmo by Rahul Shanklya

Language- Hindi (Also in WIP Lab)

2) Once Again by Kanwal Sethi

Language- Hindi (Also in WIP Lab)

3) The Bioscopewala by Deb Medhekar

Language- Hindi/Bengali/English/Dari (Also in WIP Lab)

  4) The Gold-Laden Sheep & the Sacred Mountain by Ridham Janve

Language- Pahadi (Also in WIP Lab)

5) Izahaq-Smoke on the Altar by Charles Kollannoor Chakkunny  (Malayalam,Arabic)

6) Lathe Joshi by Mangesh Joshi (Marathi)

7) Mehsampur by Kabir Chowdhry  (Punjabi, Hindi, English)

 8) Newton by Amit V Masurkar (Hindi)

9) Ottayaal Paatha(The Narrow Path) by Santosh Babusenan, Satish Babusenan (Malayalam)

10) Ralang Road by Karma Takapa  (Nepali)

11) Rukh (Unknown Faces) by Atanu Mukherjee (Hindi)

12) Sahaj Paather Gappo (Colours of Innocence) by Manas Mukul Pal (Bengali)

13) Sexy Durga by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (Malayalam)

14) Sonar Baran Pakhi (The Golden Wing) by Bobby SarmaBaruah (Rajbanshi)

 15) The Color of Loss or Blue by Aakash Bhatia (English)

 16) Village Rockstars by Rima Das (Assamese)

 17) Walking With The Wind by Praveen Morchhale (Hindi, English, Japanese)

18) Whithered Leaf by Duminda Sanjeewa (Sri Lanka) (Sinhalese)

19) Rathu Samanala Sihinayak (A Red Butterfly Dream) by Priyantha Kaluarachchi

(Sri Lanka) (Sinhala)

20) Bhasmasur by NishilSheth (Hindi)

21) Kadvi Hawa (Dark Wind) by Nilamadhab Panda  (Hindi)

22) Lapachhapi (Hide and Seek) by Vishal Furia (Marathi)

23) Idgah by PiyushPanjuani  (Hindi)

24) Matir Projar Deshe (Kingdom of Clay Subjectsby Imtiaz (Bijon) Ahmed (Bangladesh-Bengali)

25) Revelations by Vijay Jayapal (Tamil, English)

26) Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon (Taking The Horse to Eat Jalebis) by AnamikaHaksar (Hindi)


27) A Dream Document by Rupak Das (Hindi)

28) Buddhagram by Kabir Mehta (English)

29) Remembering Kurdi by Saumyananda Sahi (English)

30) The Karma Killings by Ram Devineni and Tushar Prakash (Hindi, English)

31) Wayfare to the Night by Rinku Kalsy  (English)

32) Limitless by Vrinda Samartha  (English)

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