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freida-pinto miral

The Diving Bell and the butterfly – in recent times, we havent seen a film more powerful than this one. When we heard the story, it seemed too difficult to be adapted into a film. When we saw the film, we had no words. Watch it to know the language of cinema.

Julian Schnabel, who directed The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is directing a new film called Miral. Its based on a book of the same name, written by Palestinian-Italian Rula Jebreal, who has co-written the script.  Jebreal is a hugely popular broadcaster, known of her views on  immigration and foreign affairs.

The book is about Hind Husseini, who attempts to open an orphanage, and eventually does, in Jerusalem after the war in 1948 and the struggles thereafter. The film’s events will start in 1948 and end with Husseini’s death in 1994. Hiam Abbas (The Visitor) plays the lead role in the film. Freida Pinto also stars in it, plays the role of a palestinian girl ( see pic). 

The film is shot entirely in Israel and the Palestinian territories.