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Only because we really don’t know how to respect our heroes. The man, the voice, the legend whom we all love so much and have so many memories. So many moments of life would have been so difficult if he wasn’t with us. Something for every occasion, for every one. At many times, when life seems impossible, I close my eyes and let his voice do the rest. They say, its magic, pure bliss. And it would be the same for generations to come. Can you imagine a world without the voice of Kishore Kumar?

But we still dont know how to give due respect to his memories, his life, his contribution to our life. 13 October is Kishoreda’s death anniversary. And as we rewind, it feels so pathetic that we dont even have a memorial for him. Few years back the MP Government made an announcement for the same, but its still not complete. Local people have also donated whatever they could but then its sarkari. Whatever work has happened there, people are more interested in flashing their names. And its a long list.

His home Gauri Kunj (Khandwa) still remains in pathetic condition. Some work has been done to restore it but its almost zilch. Take a look at the pics. We dont need to say more!

(There are two set of pics. First five rows are of his house. Next five rows of the memorial in the making. )

Pic courtesy – Bhuvan Mehta & Pavan Jha

And here is a song for the occasion. Click on the play button, close your eyes and let the voice do the rest.