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Yashraj Films never believed in any kind of film promotional events. They always believed that they have the stars. Events or no events, they will be able to sell the tickets. They dont need anything else.

UTV did the opposite. Did all possible promotional stuff. They went ahead with the big idea of the films, stars or no stars. And in the last two years UTV has gone much ahead of Yashraj Films in every sense of cinema and its business. With a bunch of disasters and stupid movies in their kitty, the Yashraj brand no longer has the charm or the power. Gone are the good old days.  Earlier   they used to bully around with multiplexes, distributors and sometimes, even with the press. Not any more.

It seems Yashraj Films have realised their fault. So, they invited the media to announce their new film Pyaar Impossible. Jugal Hansraj will direct the film and Uday Chopra will star in it alongwith Priyanka Chopra. If gossipmongers are to be believed, the film is inspired by Julia Roberts starrer Notting Hill.

And even the pics of the muhurat have been given out to media. Well, desperate times, desperate measures. May be, for some more buzz. Hope Aditya Chopra learns few more lessons from UTV soon. has published the muhurat pics of Pyaar Impossible.