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Shashank Ghosh’s Quickgun Murugun had its premiere at the Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles ( IFFLA). PFC has posted an early review of the film. Here is the full review. To quote from the review…

quickgun muruganGo watch this movie. If not for anything, just the satisfaction value it offers by being crazy. If in Indian context our justification to make dreamy films is to say people don’t want to use their grey cells while watching films, this challenges every sense of logic you may have. Support this film – a very unoriginal effort – if that is the way you like your cinema.

quickgun murugan2Well the intial buzz suggests the same. Its an insane film fron the crazy guy Shashank Ghosh. If gossipmongers are to be believed, Shashank is quite frustrated because the film is complete and its release has not been scheduled yet. 20th Century Fox has bought the rights of the film and has been sitting on its cans for quite sometime. Why ? How ? Even Shashank doesn’t have any clue.

In short, the film is a south indian spoof of a western cowboy (played by Rajendra Prasad). Sounds mad ? we are waiting.

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