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Ram Gopal Verma has released the first look of his new film Rakta Charitara. Its seems Ramu and Vivek Oberoi has patched up and he has been finalised to play the lead role of Paritar Ravi in the film.

Ramu plans to release it in two part Rakta Charitara -1 and Rakta Charitara-2. One will document the rise of Paritara Ravi and the second part will be about his entry into politics and finally the downfall.  Prashant Pandey, the writer of Sarkar Raj and Contract has written the script. And here is the first look of the film, Viek Oberoi as Paritara Ravi

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vivek oberoi

vivek oberoi









pic courtesy : indiafm & Ramu’s blog

And to know more about the film, you can read Ramu’s thoughts here. And to sum it up, here is Ramu with his wicked sense of humour…

I believe that Rakta Charitra is going to be the most defining film of my career not because of how well I will make it but sheerly because of the material I have at my hand. To put it simply I don’t have to work hard to make it well but I have to work hard to spoil it.

We hope and pray that Ramu doesnt work hard anymore!