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Through this blog, we have always tried to spread the good word about various crowd-funded (Kickstarter, wishberry and such) projects. Here’s one more film which looks interesting and you can contribute to its making.



Whether Hopanta is mad or not is not the question: his existence in the village is a story by itself. Hopanta is a very young man, he lives in a typical village of West Bengal with mud houses and thatched roofs. A village that is untouched by city life ; a village that is self-sufficient in growing and producing vegetables, crop and oil.

Hopanta may have come from some other village, no one has bothered to question and no one in the village cares, but these same villagers provide him with everything for his survival.

Hopanta, like any other person, has his own preferences and demands, the house he lives in is customized for his needs and daily chores, the food he begs from the villagers is eaten the way he prefers to. Hopanta likes to live his adventurous life in his own way, which is sometimes influenced by the world he sees around him.

Hopanta likes to worship gods, as he has seen people do so in their own houses. He does it not for what it is but for the way it is done. Similarly he is influenced in his take on politics, women and simpler things like the electric supply of the entire village. His innocence is his strength and source of happiness. He owns nothing but he probably believes he does, and maybe that’s why he is called mad.


The story of Hopanta is told through a Baul Song (a folk song form of Bengal). The film also depicts the story of the villagers who live with Hopanta, and how their lives entwine. It focuses on how Hopanta adopts a lifestyle from the village and the villagers, showing how every one of us is like him in our own way. We too do not bother to know anything about religion or politics etc. to follow them and live with them.

If you wish to donate, click here to go to film’s wishberry page, and make the donation. The page also has more details about the film, the director, the way they plan to spend the money and other info.