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Agyaat_New_Poster_1We are back with our CQ feature! And  this time its about Ram Gopal Varma’s new film Agyaat.

As it always happens, we got the script of Ramu’s new film Agyaat, through a friend’s friends’ friends’ friend. The lokhandwala loop! And we know the killer! But it would be unfair to reveal the suspense. So, how about tickling your cinema cells a bit! Test your CQ – Cinema Quotient!

Ramu says sometimes terror has no form! Smart line. But is that for real ? So, here is the question.

Q. Who is the killer in Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat ? 

A. a) Its a python!

b) A never before seen creature on screen, found only in Sri Lanka. Fictitious.

c) One of the crew members.

d) Will be revealed in Agyaat 2.

e) None of these. You have something else to say.

Put on your cinema caps and place your bets. And if its option E, do lets  us know what else it can be.