Pancham Unmixed – Documentary on R D Burman gets direct to DVD release

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Good news for the fans of R D Burman. After doing the festival rounds, the documentary on Pancham’s life titled Pancham Unmixed – Mujhe Chalte Jaana Hai finally gets a direct to dvd release. The 2 hour long film is directed by Brahmanand S Singh and features  Pancham’s friends, colleagues and admirers from the industry talking about the genius and telling tales behind all those magical numbers. Check out the trailer…

The film is packed as a double dvd set along with a coffee table book and is priced at Rs 999. The second dvd has original videos of 30 songs composed by Pancham. Here is the complete track list….

Dum Maaro Dum  – Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Gulabi Aankhein Jo Teri Dekhin – The Train

Bhali Bhali Si Ek Soorat  – Buddha Mil Gaya

Jaan-E-Jaan Dhoondhta Phir Raha – Jawani Diwani

Musafir Hoon Yaaron –  Parichay

Kaali Palak Teri Gori – Do Chor

Aao Aao Jaan-E-Jahan Dil Se  – Gomti Ke Kinare

Panna Ki Tamanna Hai – Heera Panna

Neend Chura Ke Raaton Mein – Shareef Badmash

Dil Mein Jo Baatein Hain  – Joshila

Jai Jai Shiv Shanker – Aap Ki Kasam

Bheegee Bheegee Raton Mein – Ajanabee

Tere Bina Zindagi Se –  Aandhi

O Manjhi Re Apna Kinara –  Khushboo

Ek Din Bik Jaayega Mati  – Dharam Karam

Keh Doon Tumhein Ya Chup – Deewaar

Kasme Vaade Nibhayenge Hum – Kasme Vaade

Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai  – Gol Maal

Rimzhim Gire Saawan – Manzil

Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahani – The Great Gambler

Jahan Pe Savera Ho –  Baseraa

Nahin Lagta Hai Dil Tere Bina – Jail Yatra

Aa Dekhein Zara – Rocky

Pyar Humein Kis Mod Pe Le Aaya  – Satte Pe Satta

Tu Tu Hai Wohi Dil Ne Jise –  Yeh Vaada Raha

Ae Ri Pawan Dhundhe Kise –  Bemisal

Pyar Mein Dil Pe Maar De Goli – Mahaan

Bachke Rehna Re Baba  –  Pukar

Roz Roz Aankhon Tale  – Jeeva

Tu Rootha To Main Ro Doongi Sanam – Jawaani

The coffe table book is titled Pancham – Strings of Eternity and has some rare pics and all those anecdotes about Pancham which could not be incorporated in the film.

Go, grab your copy soon!

  1. abhijit mukherjee says:

    Talking about the the documentary made by Mr. Brahmanand S Singh called “Pancham Unmixed… Mujhe Chalte jana hain”

    Pancham Babu was a genius… his works are loved by majority of cine-goers and audience of Hindi Film Music…All music composers of the present age have been influenced with his style, his approach, his melodies and his rhythm, to the extent that many have taken bits and pieces from his music to compose their own music….

    Which of the above mentioned facts are not known to a layman like me?

    Some of it are, like how a certain song of present age has which nuances of RDBs composition…..This was brought out well in the interviews with Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Shantanu Moitra.
    But,if an icon like RDB is being discussed, one opines these aspects are understood, stated many a times and can be treated as “trivial many” as on date, when even the present generation has bowed to the genius of RDB.

    There were some fantastic high points about this documentary, where, Bhanu babu, Ronu babu, Kancha, Louis Banks, Shakti Samanta, Asha ji, Hari Prasad Chaurasia ji, Shiv Kumar Sharma ji and Taufiq sahab relives the music creation of RDB with live rendering of music scores..

    Where making of landmark songs like “Tere Bina Jiya jaye na”, “Raina Beeti jai”, “ek chatur naar”, “main chali main chali”, “O manjhi re”, “Musafir hoon yaron”, “Koi diya jale kahin”, “hum bewafa”… “Sholay theme” has been discussed in delicious details, the audience like me , who has never had the fortune of reliving those days where RDB used to actuallly create magic in the LP records, would want to know more about some more basics of RDB music…

    RDB has surely created magic with not only Ashaji, Manna babu, Amit Kumar and Bhupinder as rightly mentioned in the document …
    But, his works with Kishore Kumar and the camaraderie he shared with the great singer… , RDB’s works with Lata ji and most importantly his on and off relationship with Rafi Sahab is something the audience would definitely want to know…
    What made RD make Rafi Saab sing all songs of Teesri Manzil… Only the Shammi Kapoor factor? Later tie up with Kishore Kumar and not have Rafi sing any song of his songs till “Hum Kisise Kum Nahin”

    Perhaps it was an attempt to make this documentary politically correct..

    But if these che-mystries are not talked about in a document that encompasses the life of the master, one opines…a lot is left unsaid..

    RDBs recognition in SDB’s camp and in the outer world after the debut movie “Raaz” by Guru Dutt was shelved, is no less than a fairy tale..

    Asha ji and Ameen Sayani sahab very loosely touches his “Chote Nawab”… and the song “Ghar ajaa” and Shammi Kapoor sahab tried appreciating RDB of Teesri Manzil and beyond in the most miserly of words that could be spared for sucn a master.. Perhaps he was at the loss of words…

    The last days of RDB was well covered…without much music though, but Shakti Babu was candid enough to talk about his assistant Sapan chakraborty… & the sylish Vidhu Vinod Chopra stated how he was the saviour of RDB…Maybe in one way he was.. maybe he was returning the Parinda favour.. but whatever he spoke had substance one opines..

    Yes, the perfect fitment few lines of “raah pe rehte hain..”, “jeevan ke din..”, “kal kya hoga…” & “phir kisi shaakh ne..” in the film, sure does bring a tear to a RD lover’s eyes..

    Gulzar’s poetry was the icing on the cake in the documentary..
    His candid depiction of RDB’s impatience and his music making was definitely a top draw and revelation in the film

    The documentary keeps you yearning for more..
    Maybe a discussion with Dev Sahab would have helped… or maybe a candid one to one with Amit…maybe a small discussion with Lata ji about a creation of a few songs like..”Bindiya tarse” and “Tere liye palkon ki jhalar bunu..” would have made the bejewelled the film much more, one opines… rather than a small little flick of none other than “Kaanta Laga”?
    I am sure Lataji and RDB has had many personal favourites other than “kaanta laga”….

    Too much time spent on his fans and his followers ,the remixes and how some people are living out of the music made by the maestro. Which of these facts are not known to even a lesser informed RD fan like me?

    They are there and they will be there till such time RDBs music lives on.. and RDBs music is here to live on.. as the punchline of the documentary is “Mujhe chalte jaana hain.. bas, chalte jaana..”

  2. Harshi says:

    Indeed a great documentary. Everything is just so well made with plenty of hardwork put together over the years.
    However, I really think they should have emphasized more on R D Burman’s personal stuff too! Like, there are people talking about him but there is no R D “Himself” in the documentary! I was expecting some rare clips and videos of behind-the-scene videos, song composition scenes, R D Burman’s musicroom, his home etc etc. Now all those things would definitely have made it MUCH MUCH SPICIER and BETTER! I really think they should come out with another documentary that consists of all these aforementioned things.
    How much…..HOW MUCH I wish to see all that.


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