Ishqiya Review – Meet the hottest duo of the year & welcome the new graduate from Bhardwaj School!

Posted: January 29, 2010 by moifightclub in bollywood, cinema, film review, reviews, Thoughts
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Abhishek Chaubey has been working with Vishal Bhardwaj since Makdee days. As a co-writer and also assisted him on almost all the films that Vishal has directed so far. When Vishal decided to produce Abhishek’s debut film, how can it go wrong! Chaubey graduates from Bhardwaj School Of Filmmaking with distinction.

Ishqiya stars three of my favourite actors. Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan. The film is completely “fun on the run”. And its the badlands of UP, with crime, love, lust, deceit, gang war and conspiracies making a delicious rustic mix. Taste it. Except few filmmakers, Bollywood rarely explores the rustic charm and the desi flavours in the era of multiplexes, suave urban heroes and NRI money!

It opens with the husky voice of Rekha Bhardwaj. Aha! Though it took me some time to adjust to her voice on Vidya Balan. And then enters the Mama-Bhanja, Kalujaan & Babban. Add Krishna (Vidya Balan) to the gang and its teen tigada kaam bigada! Love triangle was never so much fun! With Bhardwaj’s dictionary & dialogues, he can say the most mundane thing in an interesting way! Tumhara ishq ishq aur hamara ishq sex! This is Love Aaj Kal! Mr Imtiaz Ali, are you listening ?

The first half is almost flawless. Never a dull moment. Vishal Bhardwaj’s killer dialogues takes care of the writing. Arshad got the best lines and delivers one of his career’s best performance. Have always felt that he is underrated and underutilised except for Sehar & Munnabhai series. This one does justice to him. Naseeruddin Shah doesnt need lines. He says more with his silences and pauses. The look, the smile, the charm, its all so perfect. Just watch him in the song dil toh bachcha hai ji! And the de-glam Vidya is the “laundiya waisi nahi hai jaisi tum soch rahe ho! ” Surprise!

Abhishek Chaubey – what an assured debut! Not a single weak patch anywhere! In an industry where filmmakers like Sagar Bellary (Bheja Fry) andManish Acharya (Loins of Punjab Presents) are applauded endlessly for their debut efforts, both the films which I didnt like, am not sure where would I place Abhishek Chaubey then! Mr Chaubey, get ready for the offers!

The only locha seems to be the climax of the film, much like Kaminey. It gets convulted, too many twists and some far-fetchd connections. The seeds have been planted from the start of the film and it all comes together to form the end.  But when the time comes for the close, the expectations grow so much that it seems jarring in trying to be over smart. But again, when the journey is such a joyride, you dont mind compromising with the destination. If only there was a better way to deal with it, it would have hit five out of five! 

In Ishqiya, there is no great story. Its screenplay and dialogues all the way. As they say, its not about the story but all about the storytelling! And brillant acting by the ensemble. Cant say much or will spoil the fun.

Watch it to know why Vishal Bhardwaj is the best dialogue writer in the country. Nobody even comes close. My favourite remains the dialogue from The Blue Umbrella where Pankaj Kapoor explains why he needs the umbrella. Pahadi ke picche se sooraj ko ugte huye dekha hai kya ?  Watch it to know why Naseeruddin Shah is still the God of acting! And watch it to know why you might end up liking that irritating song dil me baji guitar!

And if you are a fan of Bollywood’s golden oldies, you will smile more than once. Go, book your tickets.

Now that I have written some really good words about the film, can I get this T-shirt, Mr Bhardwaj! Saw someone wearing it, could not resist from clicking. He happily posed for me.

PS1 – Dont miss the beginning. Vishal Bhardwaj production got a new kickass logo, unlike any other. Its live action!

PS2 – Why Boney Kapoor’s company logo BSK needs to match his size ? 

PS3 – If kisses & smooches are still signs of growing up, Arshad & Vidya go for a full throttle & quite long smooch by hindi film standards! Bring it on, guys! Its ADULT film! Welcome to small town S & M! 

  1. ram says:

    Thats it..Cant resist anymore:)

  2. Jai ho VB ki. Arshad looks cool with surma and all…reminds me of Aamir’s tapori look the unkemptness of it 🙂
    It feels so good to see stalwarts like Naseer, Pankaj, Anupam Kher on screen doing what they they know so well. Time for some 50+ heroes I say..wish some Ammijaans wud join the party too..

  3. Prasun Banerjee says:

    Too each his own but to say that Bheja Fry is over rated and then gush about Ishqiya the way you did , somehow rankles.
    Had a specific query … when you say that the climax is convulated and has too many twists … which twists did you see ? I saw just one and that was Mr Vidyadhar Verma . My primary grouse with film is the lack of twists and turns. But then to each his own.

  4. Priyanshu says:

    I am a regular follower of your blog and must say the only blog I follow connected to film industry.
    I love your way of writing.

    however, it surprised me to read that you didn’t like Bheja Fry. any particular reasons, I consider it as a fantastic experiment and it’s pretty comical.

  5. moifightclub says:

    @Priyanshu – thnx so much. really matters a lot.

    One big reason was the fact that the makers of Bheja Fry lied to everyone. Its a frame by frame copy of french film The Dinner Game (Le dîner de cons ). They nevere bought the rights but claimed otherwise. But even if i dont count that factor, the film didnt work for me except for Vinay Pathak who is easily one of the best actors we have. But the film looked like a play being shot on camera, too suffocating. only Pathak saved it.

  6. moifightclub says:

    @Prasun – the reasons for not liking Bheja Fry, please see my reply to Priyanshu. And most of us went mad without realising that it was plagiarised.

    About the climax, twist in the story. Not in terms of surprise elements. They tried to put all the threads together to make the climax which didnt work. Much like what they did in Kaminey. and it was far fetched because someone who is so powerful who do such a silly thing to get rid of his wife n identity sounds lil weird. same goes for Vidya’s character and her revenge theory.

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