Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega – 15 women who love S & M (pics & details) & goss from Udaipur! » Dimpy Ganguly

Posted: February 2, 2010 by moifightclub | Full size is 525 × 518 pixels

Age: 21. From Kolkata, West Bengal. A model-cum-actress, Dimpy gave up a lead role in a film to participate in the Swayamvar. Her real name is Soumasri, which means ‘as beautiful as the moon.’ But her cute dimples have earned her the name, Dimpy.

  1. Sam says:

    I want dis gal frm my city 2 win..

  2. ssboyal says:

    you lok so gugzz and beautifullllllll

  3. Ashu says:

    Hi Dimpy,

    You look very beautiful. Your smile is very sweet. I wish you could win the show (if you really want to marry Rahul, but he is not a good guy). You can check his background. You can get 1000 times better groom. I wish you a very best of luck.

    Keep Smiling.

    I really love you.
    Take Care

  4. Aradhana says:

    I find Harpreet Chhabra the most Ugly from all girls.
    Her NOSE is so BIG & LONG.
    It looks a Pipe!
    She needs to get some surgery done to reduce it.
    My brother calls her Kauva – Crow! hahahaha
    Her nose reminds us of a Crow’s beak.

    Harpreet has the most vulgar dressing sense and she is extremely FAT & Artificial.
    They way she sticks close to Rahul, lets him sleep in her lap and runs her fingers through his hair! My God! Only 20 years old – But CHALOO NO 1. Shame on you Harpreet!

  5. samiksha says:

    yeah u Aradhana who the hell u r to call her crow i think tumahari mummy harpreet se jalti hai bcoz tum use achi nahin dikhti but i like harpreet she is the perfecr girl for rahul

  6. free books says:

    best of luck for her

  7. roje says:

    hi dimpy you r the most beautiful girl and your sis koel u both r so cute!!! dimpy i think u r the perfect 4 rahul mahajan GOOD LUCK 4 THE SHOW N I HOPE U WIN IT.
    GO DIMPY!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U

  8. tahir says:

    love u harpreet

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