Time to get scared! Very scared. Because Rahul Mahajan is back on tv. And this time for his Swayamvar. Its Season2 on NDTV Imagine. As soon as the show was announced, we were busy wondering just one thing – Why would someone want to marry Rahul Mahajan ? We still dont have an answer but have one more question that should explain it. Why would anyone want to marry Rakhi Sawant ?

But who knows, may be there are women who just love S&M! Otherwise, why would anyone want to marry a wife-beater and divorcee who is known for substance use! Its just S & M. So, here is the list of 15 lucky (!?) finalists!  Out of 15, three are from Delhi, three fom West Bengal, two each from Maharashtra, UP & Haryana and one participant each from Jammu, Punjab & Gujrat! Wow, so much love from North for this Marathi Manoos! And no entry from South!

Click on the pics to know their age, location, profession and more!

Also, fresh goss from Udaipur has started pouring in. Gossipmongers are saying that the woman who won the contest refused to marry Rahul Mahajan. She wanted to win it for some publicity, quick fame and cash in on it. She ran away from the show. So, the producers of the show are busy planning a re-shoot of the final episode of the show! But isnt that obvious. We can already see the sequel in the making…Mujhe Iss Rahul Se Bachao!

  1. Hai Mofightclub..

    Do you remember that day?
    The day when Rakhi’s swayamvar ended and I commented you and you commented back, which I liked.

    I think we are going to repeat it again. And this time around the Rahul Swayamwar, it seems, is more stupid, childish and brainless.

    On yesterday night’s telecast, one of girls from “Rahul Dulhania Le Jaayega” uttered..’sarfaroshi ki tamanna’ to get rahul …ha ha, I wonder whether she knows what Sarfaroshi means. If she does then let her stand before some one who does the job of beheading.

    The use of words in the program is the silliest. The way our Rahul laughs time to time is no better than ‘Big Boss.’

    The elephantine Ram Kapoor and his lethargy..my god, back again. Will he repeat his performance in the grand finale this time too, will be frustrating again to bear.

    so my dear Mofightclub.. will god save us from this?

  2. Nishu Naved says:

    Hi Frnds!
    I am womndering on silly girls , whi wants to get marry this silly man. So distrubted background…….Even what happned to parents..they are also supporting thei daughters …strange………..Now we are waiting for new show….”shayad Rahul ji Sudhar Jaayenge

  3. Rocky says:

    in a big boss rahul massaging to any 1 girl

  4. Sanam says:

    I realy happy foe rahul he is very good man

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