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Posted: February 2, 2010 by moifightclub | Full size is 525 × 518 pixels

Age: 23. from Delhi. Swati is a senior executive at a BPO in Delhi. She is a financially independent woman and has been shouldering the responsibility of her family since a young age…all according to official press release.

  1. Sujit Bhati says:

    I like Swati alot, she is gorgeous

  2. Syed Ahtesham Hussain says:

    Well what to say about swati… Man she looks so simply yet gorgeous and her beauty lies in her simplicity. I have a serious crush on her, believe me for the first time. Swati be sure, u make your mind before taking a step. I like YOu…. Your the cutiest girl i have ever seen………….. All the very best and good wishes for your life.

  3. Sana says:

    Heyyy yeahh . swati’s reallly pretty
    and i agree with you ahtesham tht priyadarshini is THE most annoying thing on the show !

    • rahul says:

      yaa….me too agree with u…..she looks so preety yaar….im going to plan for my swaymbar too ,bt there will only contestent swati,swati and swati.

  4. shweta says:

    hi swati……….ur too cute bt the 1 thing is dat u look still young to get married to rahul
    n i’ll b very honest rahul is not a gud guy!

  5. G says:

    Simple but sexy…the first look of Swathi in RDLJ was awesome

  6. shweta says:

    Hi swati,

    I agree with shweta… Wondering how can all shweta’s think alike 🙂

    well trust us u wld get a better guy than Stupid rahul Mahajan… plz get off that show..

    You are cute n simple girl.. Just love ur simplicity n cmile :

    Love yaaa

  7. Ashu says:

    I like Swati the most among all girls in Rahul Ka Swayamvar. She is very cute, pretty. I like her smile sooooooooooo much. She is a perfect bride. I wish, I could get her as my wife.

  8. Tina says:

    Hi Swati i really like you as one of the brides in the swaymvar…

    you have a cute smile and you would be a perfect bride for someone else…

    leave Rahul Mahajan’s show…. i recently heard from someone that he got convicted in drugs and one of his mates died from this conviction…

    you can get a better person then him and your way to young for Rahul…. his like 35 or 36 and your 23………. a big generation gap……. leave the show

  9. leon says:

    hey swati I think you will find the right person, rahul is too old for you. you will find your mr right but not on a tv show. All the best

  10. hey Swati..!!
    you are so cute and pretty and i like your smile SO MUCH. i become a fan of your smile,, but i would like to let you know one thing that Rahul is realy not agood match for you..!!!

    wid luv..

  11. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Guys..Rahul is certainly not a match for Swati as I know her personally..Although she is no more my gf and I have no rights to interfere in her matters but still as a good friend I would suggest her to think again…I hope you guys will discourage continously like this and she will change her decision…Rajan

  12. Tina says:

    Wow Rajan you know Swati, yeh i agree with you as Rahul is not a good guy.
    Swati consider me as your well wisher… LEAVE THE SHOW… Rahul is not a good match for you…. He is sooo old for you.

  13. ashish singh says:

    hi swati,this is ashish singh from satna n i have a big crush on u, ur just so simple n very lovable gal i have ever seen. ur smile is 222222222222222222222222222 gud i like ur attitude, n last but not d least plzzzzzzzzz marry me i work in d merchan navy plzzzzzzzzz swati tumko mein itna pyar duga jo tumne sapne mein bhi nahi socha hoga duniya ki sari khushi duga.

  14. Rajan Singh says:

    Guys…Everyday I will tell you one thing related to Swati which you will not see or hear on the channel..First thing for today…She loves to be called as Bholu…I used to call her by this name when was in relationship with her..

  15. Reddy says:

    Dear Swati

    While watching yesterday’s episode (17th Feb’10) when you disclosed to Rahul about your ex-boy friend’s physical abusing & torturing on you, I really felt very angry on that bast.., sad & upset that why god punished sweetheart like you, I really feel that you’re like as soft as rose petals, how can anyone even think to hit you & that evil person physically thrashed you for 5 months & you silently beared by crying..oh my baby..!

    Swati there are good men in this world, you met wrong guy in your life..I wish god bless you with so much happiness ahead in your life..!

    Atlast never get flatterred by sweet words of others..think smart & then take decision 🙂

  16. Rajan Singh says:

    Yeah Guys..she is absolutely right..she was telling about the guy with whom she was in relationship after ending with me..Prashant Kapoor…He used to treat her really bad..And a new news for you as promised by me..They met in ARVATO BPO on 23rd august 2007 for the first time..RAJAN

  17. itsme says:

    hi i just want to say that
    u r honest
    same as reddy say

  18. itsme says:

    hi swati
    khooshnasib hoga wo ladka jis se
    tumhari shadi hogi.

  19. Rajan Singh says:

    The pet dog about which Swati’s friend told on the show..the name of her pet is SCOTTY..She loves her pet a lot and takes a lot of care …And guys a new info about Swati is that she sings really good and you will love her voice more than herself if you hear it once…

  20. ASHISH says:

    HI, SWATI,

  21. kapil says:

    Hey Rajan, if u know that much about swati then send her contact no, on my email id that is arunfriend06@yahoo.com.I am really curious to have conversationg with here.Don;t try to create hue and cry here.ok

  22. Reddy says:

    Dear Swati

    Today’s – 20th Feb’10 episode where you got eliminated, I really felt so bad that yet you came so close to Rahul but may be you’re destiny has some other good & best plans in your life ahead..!

    Especially when you controlled your tears & emotion by looking up, it made me feel that you’re so strong than you look..! You’ll get best life partner, you’re so kind hearted, tumhe doonde hue tere paas aayenge acche se acche rishtey..dekh lena 🙂

    Swati never ever think negative from now onwards as you said “Jo bhi hota hai, acche kiliye hota hai” — I truly believe in your words & wish you tons & tons of happiness..!

    with lots of love


  23. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Kapil..I have her contact number but can’t share it with you…And as promised ..new detail about her is that her birthday falls on 20 august ..she was born in 1986

  24. ajit kumar singh says:

    Thank god she is safe from rahul

  25. sangita says:

    hi i m sangita,
    i live in germany , i m serching one girl for my bro,and i see u in tv show, i like u, wenn u and úr femilie want,me mere bhai ke liye tera hath mangana chahti hu , mene teri first merrige life ki bate suni he, jo mere dil ko chhu gai he, agar tum chao to u mail me, peenky@web.de

  26. gaurav says:

    swati u r really so cutie pie dear ,
    u really deserves a 100 times better groom than him ,
    my heartly wishes for u , i was so happy to see that u are relieved of that catastrophe 🙂

    loveeeeeee uuuuuuuuu 🙂

  27. Tina says:

    Rajan that is sooo obvious… everyone would find that out sooo quikly……. tell something else about swati?

  28. kapil says:

    hey Rajan, I am really curious to know reality dear, pls don;t take it literally but i am having soft corner for her, i wanna talk her, and believe me i will not disclose ur name. pls give her contact no, or any email id, i would be grateful if u will send information to my mention email id dear,i hope u understand.

  29. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Tina..What do you want to ask about Swati..But please do not ask for any contact details.

  30. Chandan Barman says:

    Hi Swati,

    Thanks to God, u r not married to Rahul. He is good but not eligible for you.

    U are so good, so cute………I like ur smile very much. It can be used as medicine for a depressed person.

    I am in love with you. Even my family members like you very much.

    Only I want to say is “WILL YOU MERRY ME”

  31. Rajan Singh says:

    @kapil….sorry dear its not about disclosing my name to Swati..but trust me sharing her contact details is absolutely not a good idea…I am here to help you guys with interesting facts and details about Swati..So you guys can ask questions about her and I will answer all of them which I will find answerable…@Tina…you can ask questions which a true fan would like to know and I assure you that you will get the same answers which Swati would give you ..

  32. Ashu says:

    I am so glad to see that you are out of the show….all my mean is you are safe now from Rahul….. May God bless you and you will find your prince charming very soon…..

    Take Care

  33. Abdul kareem says:

    Rahul may become good guy in his future life,and I belive he learned many things from his past life,a man can change his atitude.

  34. Tina says:

    ok Rajan i would like to ask you where in delhi does swati live, if you dont want to diclose this in front of public then you can send me on my e-mail havelock_mandem@hotmail.co.uk
    and i would like to know one more thing except that other guy swati was talking about did she have any other boy friend in the past?

  35. kapil says:

    ok rajan, I believe on you that u know everything about her, but really dear Rajan, I began to love her lot now. She has marvellous smile and attitude. I have a heartly desire to talk with her so that i can show my feelings to her. I would be grateful if u will mention any other way by which i can talk or reach to her.I just want to show my feelings that how much i love her. I hope u can tell me any other way.Please dear

  36. sherly says:

    Hi Abdul kareem,

    I disagree. if that man had to learn something he would have not eliminated swati but the item girl Dimpy & some one who wants fame & money but not a husband i.e Mrinmai.

    Swati as she said if you are looking for a genuine wife then she is the perfect one. I truly believe in it she is the perfect wife but not for Rahul. He is a maniac, jerk loves flirting around even on the date with Dimpy he wanted to lip kiss her. he is a dog.

    Thank god Swati is saved I love her as a well wisher. I would be more honoured to have a freind like her who is so dedicated, simple, smart.

    None of the girls on the show should marry that jerk. Coz they come from good families.

    Swati let me tell you not all mens are same, I agree with one thing what Rahul said on show i.e donot choose your partner based on your past bad experience. I am saying this bcoz my hubby is just like u. So which means definetly there are good mens in this world if I can get one surely you will get a better one.

    One more thing swati, marry a person who loves you before even when you start loving him. This works believe me. Mens who come after you are more likely to take care of you rather than a man after whom you run. Coz the person whom we are after cares less for us.

    And for you there will be a qeue of guys. Decide wisely. You are not old enough to worry that you missed out on something when you got eliminated. Beilieve me I prayed to god for your elimination. You are saved from the devil.

    I hope this show is a flop show in that way all the other girls are saved too.

  37. tina says:

    sherly i agree with you what you have written,
    Mrinmai and Dimpy shouldnt even get married + i would say Harpreet as well bcoz she is too young yet and she has to do more in life, and not get married.

    rahul is not a good guy for those girls,i have 3 things that they should remember they would be:

    i) Rahul is divorced.
    ii) He is too old for the girls (except for Mrinmai, this is bcoz she is 28 and rahul is 35)
    iii) i dont think any of them will ever do as they are said so… you can take a example of dimpy… she will always saty out of the house… just spend money, money , money n more money… never look for Rahul.

    In one way i think it is Rahul’s folt for him leaving his first wife, as i have heard he use to push his wife out of his cars. and he would have alot of problems, if i was in his place i would have spooken to his first wife.
    And i have another thing to say Rahul was convicted in drugs his chacha ji made so many problems for him and his friends, one of his friend was killes in this conviction for taking drugs.

    sheryly i agree i want this show to be flop.
    i hope Mrinmai says the truth for just getting fame and money as this will not last for long.

    Everyone this has been said that lie doesnt last for long, it always comes in front…. so Mrinmai if you read this just stop this nonsence bcoz it is not going to last for long. and if i was you just back out and say that u dont want to get married. i hope all the girls leave the show as i dont want them to get married.

    rajan i want the answer about swati.

    And Mrinmai, Harpreet, Nikunj and Dimpy, please read this all as this guy is not good for you all. you can get a 10000 times better guy then Rahul, and i would like to say this every rich person can hide there past but if Rahul was in middle clas family not even his first wife would have married him. he is like your oldest brother… i have brothers that are his age.
    get a guy that is a few months to mayeb 5 years older then you as bcoz they would be more suitable for you all.

    And last of the least Rahul if i was in your spot then i would have not done this, i would have gone onto a matrimonial wedding site and would have gotten a girl from there.
    If i was you i would call Dimpy, Harpreet and Nikunj sisters, as they are alot younger then you.

  38. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Tina..I will not disclose the exact place but she lives in south delhi…and I was her boy friend before Prashant Kapoor and I never asked her if she had any guys before me too but yes she had a muslim bf before me too..

  39. Yash says:

    Hi Rajan
    it’s ok if you don’t like open about her,but you can e-mail to person who like to contact to her,such her mail id.Well i think she is very innocent,and god believe and as she shows, i feel she goes on the way of god…..She knows responsibilities.Anywhere she is the best.Could you send me her e-mail id.

  40. Rahul Dave says:

    Hello people,

    I can’t imagine how gullible you all are!! Believing that Rajan fellow – who says he was her ex- boyfriend! and he knows where she lives, and that she had a muslim bf!!
    Who on earth is the guy? What is the proof behind the rubbish he is talking?
    For all you know he is a big psycho who is telling LIES and mud-slinging at some girl’s reputation.

    Such pervert’s should not be entertained.
    You should not believe such losers!
    Get a life Rajan and stop cooking false stories about girls. How would you feel if someone said some rubbish story about your Mother or Sister? Have some decency.

  41. Aradhana says:

    I find Harpreet Chhabra the most Ugly from all girls.
    Her NOSE is so BIG & LONG.
    It looks a Pipe!
    She needs to get some surgery done to reduce it.
    My brother calls her Kauva – Crow! hahahaha
    Her nose reminds us of a Crow’s beak.

    Harpreet has the most vulgar dressing sense and she is extremely FAT & Artificial.
    They way she sticks close to Rahul, lets him sleep in her lap and runs her fingers through his hair! My God! Only 20 years old – But CHALOO NO 1. Shame on you Harpreet!

  42. tina says:

    hehe Aradhana yes that is true, i dont like her at all…. but the girl is really stupid…. she needs to check what age she is and what age rahul is.

    Harpreet is the stupidist and thick girl in the show… letting Rahul lie on her laps… my Bhuwa ji was watching the show and the only thing she kept on saying was the girls are kuti,
    i dont get this how can Hapreet’s mom and dad allow her to go and marry Rahul.i dont get this no punjabi person never sends his dauther some where else to choose her self a husband…

    that is true what the elders have said time is going tokeep on changing no daughter or son will listen to there mom or dad.
    this is already happening in the uk, i have seen it with my own eyes.

    my dad’s friends daughter ran out of the house and married a choora( tramp) punjabi one.

    if she can do this then why cant any other daughter in any other country do this?

    if any of my family member did this i would have killed him/her.

    as the only thing that is the biggest in the world is and should be is respect.

    Harpreet has already disgraced her self in front of the world.

  43. tina says:

    And Rajan this can never be that Swati had a muslim boy friend… no indian girl would go out with a muslim guy. i would understnd here in UK. but never in india as every girl doesnt want to walk past her line.

    how can you say that she had a muslim boy friend.. if i was you i would had never called her… i have stopped calling my firnds now as they have been out with muslim guys.

    never mind about this if you dont want to say anything about her in this page then why dont you send me on my e-mail. i wont say anything.

    now i cant say trust me, but i am trust worthy,
    you can rely on me.

  44. Rushikesh says:

    i missed you very much

  45. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Guys…Whatever I have been telling you through this link is true to the best of my knowledge..@ Rahul Dave…Dude..I am not sure what was the frustration when you wrote that statement about me cooking indecency about her..You can read from the start and I have never said anything indecent about her..I still pray for her success and guys she is happy with the proceedings in her life as she called me yesterday and told everything about the happenings of the show..You may see her again back in action once her contract with the show ends on 31st March.

  46. asma says:

    swarti i hate. you r so so rondoo. you r a drama!!!JUST GET OUT OF THE SHOW. TUM RAHUL KAY LAYAK NAHI HO……. TUM SIURAF SHOW PAY TV PAY anne kay liyay aai thi. aacha hua ke tumay show say nakal diya.~!

  47. Fatema says:

    Wow! This page is more entertaining than the show. NDTV Imagine should come here and read this page to scrip their next show, rejects of Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan marrying each other. Or pretending to. And who gives the best advice on who should marry who.


  48. Unknown says:

    U r so cute n B’ful. I personally feel very sad while saw u trying to stop your tears in the elimination process.
    But believe me, whatever happens that’s only bcoz of God’s will.
    If u loss something, then think there is something better for you to achieve.

    God bless U..

  49. jigar says:

    After reading all this, I would say harpreet would be the best choice, She comes from medium range family, she has mother who taught her the best and how to run/take care family…Age shhould not be a matter now at this point…

  50. zindagi says:

    chnge ur thoughts..i m n indian..and i love a muslim guy ..its nt abt religion ts all abt love..maybe rajan is right..as she has been wrkin in a bpo i guess being in uk u r nt aware of the indian bpo culture..its all fr fun..rajan did say she loved that guy maybe they were jus best frenz or jus goin around coz might b it was long back n swati might have nt been as mature as nw…times have chnged in india…..its nt hindu or muslim feel its abt being n indian

  51. tina says:

    zindagi.. look i have boys and girls that r muslim but in my family we r not allowed to think to go out with a muslim guy, i am not saying that she isnt allowed to have any muslim frinds even i am no1 to say that y r u having friends that r muslim. i do aggree with u that maybe she had a frind but i am jst not with those ppl that go out with muslim girls or guys.
    i am an indian i always come to india every year. i am coming this year to, and i no how india is going ahead. we all now how much india is true and how much india is fulse.
    india is the best for religious things but if some one is dying on the ground out side no-1 will come and help him/her, and this always happens that if it is a police case then first the police ppl will look for jewellery or money then by the time the person dies then they will say the person died at this spot. if u come in europe police services would be the first ppl to come and help the person that is dying. after that they would contect the persons family.
    even if there is crime in our counrty alot but in this our counrty is ahead of everyone.
    u can sell someone in india but here in UK no-1 wud even think about it.
    and rajan i request you one thing… if you spoke to Swati yesterday then y dont u say to her that we want her number? request her this i want to personally talk to her.

  52. Tina says:

    I am really waiting for who will be Rahul’s bride.. they are going to show tomorrow.

  53. kapil says:

    Rajan, i wanna ask a question, is she still working in arvato, if not, then where swati is working now, is she in voice process or non voice process.Pls Reply

  54. Rajan Singh says:

    Hello Kapil, She left Arvato way back..She is not working anywhere now..And yes she was in voice process, MSPA in Arvato

  55. supreet says:


  56. tina says:

    patnagar id in delhi i dont think so.

  57. supreet says:


  58. megha says:

    @tina: i fink surpreet said that swati lives in lajpat nagar….
    i fink swati is sipmly the best.nowadays evry1 got the best……………the best thing is honesty…she admitt abt her past.and thats the best quality dat she is honest.i really lkye her..she is preety…i wish i would be a boy so that i ll marry her…hehehhe.lol
    or i would be elder n i have son so that i can make her my daughter in law…..but nfin lyke dat.
    i happy she got eliminated from that show beacuse she deserves 100000 times better than Rahul…..
    hey gryl god may bless u…

  59. tina sharma says:

    no i would disagree with you, i do understnd that she is honest i am not saying nothing to her in that way but she shouldnt have disclosed her personal matters in front of the TV. Megha i would like to ask you a question, if you were in swati’s palce would you disclose your own personal matters in front of the camera’s?
    even if i would put myself in swati’s place i would have never said in front of the camera’s, off camera’s is a different matter but on screen i would have never said anything.
    if i was a guy then yeh i would have married her … hehe.
    she does deserve a 100000000000000000 times better guy then rahul.

    rahul is 35 and she wow… that is such a big difference…. this is gud that rahul got married to dimpy, there minds and habbits are soo like each other.

  60. Rajan Singh says:

    Hey Guys..No more comments from me as she is upset about me writing these comments. She told me that it would be good if she herself discloses facts about herself.

  61. tina says:

    Rajan…. that is sooo sad then why doesnt she come online and always say something NICE about her self. i would like to personally meet her. she is sooo nice, if she is saying that she doesnt like you to write on this page about her then tell her that she has a chose either she can come online and talk about her self… or you have to write about her.

  62. rushikesh says:

    Swati will you marry me ??you are very beautiful,you are best for me.mere naam hai rushukesh. (+91-8087950057)

  63. aksky chavan says:

    shah rukh khan bolte hai,aggar kisi chize ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynnat tumse milane ki sazish
    mein lag jaato hai.sahi hai, mein jab aap ka serial dekha toh to mein pagal hogaya aur soirf itna kahene laga ki dli mange swati.naam hai mera akshay chavan.
    i am BCS in near the JNEC college.you don`t kno JNEC college ,there is diee of rama road,there is dug-dug (means kali pili).OK you don`t know kali pili, then i will drop to you.i have cycle.cycle ame is lal-lal,means my cycle colur is red.i missed you

  64. Lucky says:

    Fuck it man

  65. Varun says:

    Hello All… Specially Rajan…
    Dude u r not required to say anythng about Prashant Kapoor when you don’t know him personally..
    I have been knowing him since childhood, he is such a gentle man that every gal would like to be with such a nice fello..
    He is always been a people’s guy.. So think before u speak nonsense abt anyone…

  66. Rajan Singh says:

    Dear Moderator, Please delete all the comments posted by me earlier…Rajan Singh

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