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What’s the Global Dialogues contest all about?
Global Dialogues invites you to come up with an original idea for a short film about HIV/AIDS, sexuality, violence against women, or alcohol, drugs & sex. The best ideas will be turned into films by some of world’s greatest directors and young cinema talents. The Global Dialogues films, each proudly displaying the young authors’ names, are viewed by millions of people every year on TV and on the Internet. You can see the films they’ve produced so far at

Who can participate?
The Global Dialogues contest is open to all young people worldwide who will be under the age of 25 on 31 March 2014. (If you are older than that, you may participate by working in a team led by someone who is under 25.)

When’s the deadline?
All entries must be submitted by midnight GMT on 31 March 2014.

What are the contest prizes?
The contest entries will be examined by a series of juries. There will be 20 winners of the international contest. Each of these winners or winning teams will receive a cash prize of US$125, as well as the possibility of having a film based on their idea made and shown on TV and the Web. In addition, the top 3 winners or winning teams will receive special cash prizes:

Grand Prize: US$2,500
Second Place: US$1,250
Third Place: US$625

Winners of the international contest will receive their prizes on or before 31 July 2014 at the address they give on their Participant Questionnaire. Only one prize will be given to each winning team.

How to participate?

Topics: Your idea can be about any topic related to HIV/AIDS, sexuality, violence against women, or alcohol, drugs & sex. On the next page, you’ll find a list of suggested topics that you can use if you wish.

Story form and language: It’s up to you to decide what form your idea will take. Most participants in Global Dialogues contests write short stories, but you can also send in a video, a theatre play, a comic strip, a song, a poem.… Anything is possible as long as the text is in one of the official Global Dialogues languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Kiswahili, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. Length. If you write a story, it may be up to 10 pages long (maximum). Recorded songs or videos may not be longer than 10 minutes.

Resources: As you create your idea, please talk to organisations or individuals in your community who can provide you with good information on the contest issues, or visit credible sources of information online. You can take part alone or in a team.

For more info, get in touch with the Global Dialogues team on Twitter, Facebook or on their Official Website.

Echoes, the annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode, in association with filmmaker Shekhar Kapur had launched a short film making competition titled “I Love Paani”. We had posted about it here.

The filmmaker has picked his Top 3 favourite shorts, and has tweeted the reasons why he liked them. We are embedding the shorts below each tweet.



Thanks to PVR, we were running a contest for Inside Llewyn Davis. The ticket winners were announced on daily basis. The poster contest was aimed at having some more fun and for true lovers of the film.

We asked people to pose like Llewyn Davis – with their cat, dog, parrot, snake, dinosaur, or any pet they have, and if nothing, props will also do. Some entries were genuine, some just copy-pasted from net (so no prize), and some for fun which have been sent by friends. We are sharing some of the pics here.

Click on any image to start the slide show. You can see the person’s name/handle on left bottom. Or just right click to open individual pics in new window, you can see the contributor’s name on top. or just hold the cursor on the pic, you can see the names.

And here are the winners –




@kafucka and @sashaBCC  – one poster. Because love is all about sharing Coens film poster.


@nusratjafri and @sumit_roy_ – one poster. Because same reason as mentioned above.



Congrats to everyone! Thanks for participating.

Here’s another good news. If you still haven’t seen the film, it is still in theatres in select cities in its second week.

PVR Ambience Mall Gurgaon 5:45 pm
PVR Forum Mall Koramangala Bangalore 4:10 pm
PVR Phoenix Lower Parel Mumbai 12:10 pm

Do watch and do spread the word so that we get to see more Coens films in our theatres.


Coen Brothers latest film Inside Llewyn Davis has just released in India. The film won the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival and has been getting rave reviews since then. If you still haven’t seen the film, here’s your chance to win tickets. And if you have seen the film and loved it, here’s your chance to win posters. We are running this contest with the help of PVR Cinemas.

For “Inside Llewyn Davis” Tickets

Just answer these 3 simple Questions. We are not looking for right answers (at least for the first two questions). We are looking for interesting answers. The more creative you can be, better is your chance of winning.

1. In Inside Llewyn Davis, why is the cat called Ulysses? (we don’t want correct wiki answers, think of a new reason and tell us)

2. If you were one of the Coens, what would you have named the cat? And why? Put your Coen cap on.

3. What’s your favourite Coens film and why. Tell us in one line.

– Mail us the answers to these 3 Questions and just write “ILD” in subject. Our mail id is

– We will be giving away free tickets everyday, for Monday-Thursday shows of the film. If the answers are really good, there is not limit to the number of tickets to be won.

– Since the film has released in just 6 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad) so you have to in one of the cities to participate and win. For theatre listing, scroll down. If the response is good, PVR plans to release it in other cities in second week.

– For the tickets, do scroll down and check out the theatre listing. Along with your entries, do let us know your preference for the city/date/theatre/show. Give us at least 2 choices. We will try to give you the tickets for the same.

For Inside Llewyn Davis Posters

To win the film’s posters, it’s a much easy contest. If you have seen the film, then pose with your cat like Llewyn Davis. It can be from any scene of the film. If you haven’t seen the film, just google “Inside Llewyn Davis + cat”, you will see enough images. Get your cat and pose exactly like that. If you don’t have a cat, try it with your dog, parrot, dinosaur or whatever pet you have.

– Click the pic, tweet it and tag us – @NotSoSnob and @ShiladityaBora. We are not obsessed with the moronic idea of trending dumb hashtags, so not asking for the same. If you are not on twitter, mail us at with subject “ILD PIC”.

– If you don’t have a cat or dog or dinosaur or any such pet, you can try it with your or your friend’s kid or even any prop/object.

– The interesting the pic, the more creative you can be, the closer it looks like Inside Llewyn Davis pose, better is your chance of winning the poster.

– For any queries or doubts, comment here or write to us at

– Thanks to PVR Cinemas for getting the film here and for the contest.

And even if you don’t win tickets, don’t miss this film. Click here for our recco post on the film and click here for a terrific review of the film by A O Scott.


I love Paani - PosterWHATEchoes, the annual cultural festival of IIM Kozhikode in association with filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has launched a short film making competition titled “I Love Paani”. The event has been conceptualized and will be judged by the filmmaker himself.

CONTEST – This is an online event. Teams of 3 or less will have to create a one minute video on the creative brief given below and then either mail the video or its dropbox link to before 23.59.59 PM, 24th December, 2013. Shekhar Kapur will be judging the entries and will decide on the winners for the event.

Shekhar Kapur’s Creative Brief
From a Drop to an Ocean
What does water mean to you?
And how do you imagine a world which is fast running out of water. Can you put that in a film no longer than one minute? You could shoot and edit it in any way you like. You could shoot it on your smart phone if you like.

This is about your imagination, not your resources. It does not have to be about a large scale event, a drop is as vast as an ocean. It does not have to be the future. There is enough evidence of massive shortages right now. It can be as observational as you want it to be. Or it can be as dramatic as you want it to be.

But even if you say very little, others have to see your point, your story. Of water.
Want to try?

LAST DATE : Before 23.59.59 PM, 24th December, 2013

– This event is open to all.
– A team can have a maximum of 3 members.
– Each team must register for the event at
– One person cannot be part of more than one team.
– The video length is 1 minute. Not more, not less!
– This slide must be included at the end of the movie.
– There is no bar on the language used in the movie. However, Hindi/English subtitles should be used in case of languages other than these two.
– Entries (video files or dropbox link) should be mailed before the final deadline of 23.59.59 PM, 24th December, 2013 to
– Naming convention of the deliverable file should be Paani_<Team_Name>_<Movie_Title>
– The subject of the mail should be of the format Paani_<Team_Name>_<Movie_Title>
– The mail should also contain the following details of the team members:
Email Address
Contact Number

First prize : INR 7500
Second prize : INR 5000
Third prize : INR 2500
Winners also get a chance to meet Shekhar Kapur in person.

Terms & Conditions
– Shekhar Kapur, “I Love Paani” and/or their associates, reserve the right to use and upload all the short film/s in a manner they deem fit on their own or their affiliates websites/platforms for various purposes and the contestants shall not have any claim or objection whatsoever regarding the same.
– Shekhar Kapur will be meeting the winners in Mumbai on a date and time convenient to him. All costs (Travel & Lodging) has to be borne by the winners. Reimbursements from our side will be restricted to INR 2500 only.

mFC Editorial – If you want to get into filmmaking and wondering where to start, here’s a great opportunity. None other than Shekhar Kapur will see your work, and am sure if you can impress him, few more things can come out of it. Generally that’s how it works. So do give it a shot. All the best.

Though we would also like to point out the weird clause put up by the organisers in their “Terms and Condition” section. It’s fine to upload it on various platforms but it’s unfair to use it for commercial purpose without the filmmaker gaining anything out of it. Hope they change it.

Jameson Empire had announced a contest for shorts – remake any cult film in just 1 minute. It’s called DISS (Done In Sixty Seconds) and Anurag Kashyap was on the jury.  They have just announced the two films which will compete with films from across the world at the the Jameson Empire Award in London.

The two winners are Mayank Shethiya’s Fight Club and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind by the team of Zain Matcheswalla, Vidyut Singh Jaiswal, Arati Kadav and Zenish Mehta. Click on the play button and have a look.

If yes, read on to know more about Jameson Empire’s Done In 60 seconds.

To quote from the official release, Yes, you must take a piece of cinematic genius (or not-so-genius if you prefer), distill it to its very essence and cram it all into a time frame shorter than the life expectancy of the comedy sidekick in a slasher movie. After all, 90% of most movies is just time-wasting anyway. There are easily enough seconds in a minute to defeat the bad guy, get the girl and ride off into the sunset.

To take part in this year’s competition and be in with a chance of winning a Jameson Empire Award and attending the star-studded and glittering Jameson Empire Awards ceremony in March 2012, grab some mates, blag a camera from somewhere and get shooting. To 60 seconds and not beyond!

How to be the 2012 Done in 60 Seconds Winner?

Step 1: Make a Film of a Film in 60 Seconds.

The idea is simple: take any movie of your choice, grab a bunch of friends and remake it in a form no longer than one minute!

Step 2: Check the Competition Rules and the T&C’s before you Submit your entry.

Before submitting your entry (via the upload section) make sure your entry satisfies all the competition rules and that you have read through the Terms & Conditions.

Step 3: Your Entry goes Live

Once your entry has been successfully submitted and approved it will go live on and on the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds You Tube Channel. You are now officially a Done in 60 Seconds nominee!

Step 4: Get Voting!

Get your friends and family online. Once your entry is live on the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds YouTube Channel it is open for votes, so get everyone to vote for your efforts!

Step 5: Nominees Chosen at Local Level

Once the closing date has passed on the 20th of January 2012, all entrants will be judged by our panel from the Film/Entertainment industry. This expert panel is composed of Jim Sheridan, John Maguire, Lisa Cannon, Gordon Hayden and Eoin Macken. A shortlist of nominees will be invited to a local final event in February where one lucky entrant will be selected to represent India at the Done in Sixty Seconds Global Final in London.

Step 6: Done in 60 Seconds Global Final

The successful nominee(s) ( plus guest) from India will jet off to London for the Done in 60 Seconds Global Final on March 23rd to compete against nominees from all over the world. An international judging panel will choose the 5 Done in 60 Seconds Nominees who will then attend the Jameson Empire Awards on Sunday March 25th 2012.

Step 7: Jameson Empire Awards

It is here, at the star-studded Awards ceremony, that the Done in 60 Seconds Winner is announced, watched and applauded by Hollywood’s finest, they’ll get to go on stage to receive their Jameson Empire Award.

Step 8: The Prize for the Done in 60 Seconds Winner

The Winner will receive a priceless and rare opportunity to spend time with an established film-maker to pick their brain on all things film! (More details to be released closer to the Awards!)

– You can see the list of previous winners and their films here.

– To know more about the contest, click here.