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Devashish Makhija’s new film Ajji will have its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival’s (BIFF) ‘New Currents’ section. And with the fest line up unveiled, the makers have just released the first look of the film. Check out its poster and the trailer.

Here’s the official BIFF program note  on the film –

When society fails to provide justice for the rape of nine-year-old Manda, her ailing and arthritic grandmother Ajji tracks down the perpetrator, the son of a local politician, and plots a brutal revenge to serve as a deterrent to all men.


Sushma Deshpande, Sharvani Suryavanshi, Saadiya Siddique, Abhishek Banerjee, Vikas Kumar, Smita Tambe and Sudhir Pandey

The 104 min film has been written by Makhija and Mirat Trivedi. Interestingly, Saregama ventures back into filmmaking with their new brand – Yoodlee Films.

Well known cinematographer Shanker Raman makes his directorial debut with Gurgaon. Though Versova’s rumour mills suggest he might have ghost-directed one of the most acclaimed indies (insert wink-wink-nudge-nudge emoji). Produced by JAR Pictures, the film stars Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna, Pankaj Tripathi, Aamir Bashir and Shalini Vatsa.

Here’s the official synopsis –

Kehri Singh, a real estate baron, runs his business ‘Preet Real Estate’ in his daughter’s name. She is his lucky charm and the apple of his eye. Kehri Singh’s oldest son Nikki Singh, is often side-lined by his father as a brash, insolent, good for nothing, who only brings bad luck. Driven by his need to pay off a large debt to a local bookie, Nikki Singh sets off a chilling chain of events, that unwittingly force his cold-blooded father to confront his buried past.

Gurgaon, is a cautionary tale that reminds us of the famous saying, what goes around, comes around.

It was selected at Work-In-Progress Lab of NFDC Film Bazaar in 2015, won the Prasad DI Award in the fiction feature category.

Here’s the film’s trailer :

Hardik Mehta’s documentary, Amdavad Ma Famous (Famous In Ahmedabad), bagged the National Award For Best Non-Feature film (Swarna Kamal) this year. Its next stop is the prestigious Hot Docs aka Canadian International Documentary Festival. The fest has put up the first trailer of the film.

Do check it out

AMFAnd here’s the official synopsis from the fest site –

Zaid is a playful kid with a love of kites that quickly spirals into an addiction. He starts skipping school, risking life and limb in traffic and trespassing on rooftops, all in pursuit of high-flying fun. Is he just being a kid—or is he becoming a criminal? A sublime social commentary on adult hypocrisy and childhood curiosity.


Director : Hardik Mehta
Producer : Arya Menon, Akanksha Tewari
Editor : Hardik Mehta
Cinematographer : Piyush Puty
Composer : Alokananda Dasgupta
Sound: Manoj Goswami


The first look of Anu Menon’s new film, Waiting, is out. Do check out the trailer.

WaitingThe film stars Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin in the lead, and it also has Rajat Kapoor, Sushasini Maniratnam, and Arjun Mathur.

Going by official release – WAITING is a film about the special relationship between Shiv (Naseeruddin Shah) and Tara (Kalki Koechlin), who befriend each other unexpectedly in a hospital while nursing their individual spouses in coma. It is a film about grief, yes, but it is also about confronting it with optimism and learning to live with courage, love with faith and laugh with hope.

Minor grouse – the way the song is laid out in the background of the trailer, with dialogues coming on top of words (of the song), its difficult to hear either. Wish it was just music, and not words, when there are dialogues on top. One really has to strain hard to get everything

Cast & Crew

Ishka Films & Drishyam Films PRESENT



CAST: Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin, Rajat Kapoor, Sushasini Maniratnam, Arjun Mathur

PRODUCED BY: Priti Gupta, Manish Mundra

SCREENPLAY: Anu Menon, James Ruzicka

DIALOGUE: Atika Chohan


EDITING: Nitin Baid, Apurva Asrani

MUSIC: Mikey McCleary

SOUND: Roland Heap, Udit Duseja, Mandar Kamalapurkar

CASTING: Shubham Gaur, Gautam Pisharody


CHOREOGRAPHY: Shampa Gopikrishna

VFX: Bibek Basu


ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Poonam Punjabi, Shiladitya Bora


UPDATE  (24-04-16) – The teaser posters are just out. We have updated the post with 2 teaser posters of the film.

Anurag Kashyap is ready with his new film which is interestingly titled, Raman Raghav 2.0. And here is the good news – as expected, Anurag will be back to the Cannes with the premiere of the film in Directors Fortnight segment.

The films stars Nawazuddin and Vicky Kaushal in the lead roles. Not sure why, but the film is titled ‘Psycho Raman’ in press release.

To check out the complete list of 2016 selection, click here.

The Directors’ Fortnight (French: Quinzaine des Réalisateurs) is an independent section held in parallel to the Cannes Film Festival. It was started in 1969 by the French Directors Guild after the events of May 1968 resulted in cancellation of the Cannes festival as an act of solidarity with striking workers. (via wiki)

It’s been a good year for Hindi films so far. Good films making good money and getting critical acclaim too. Just what should happen in an ideal world. And it seems like Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s debut feature Nil Battey Sannata will carry the baton forward.

Do check out its recently released trailer.

12799155_10153278624992676_2398086390787374748_nThe film stars Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak, Pankaj Tripathi & Ria. It’s produced by Aanand L. Rai, Ajay G. Rai, Alan McAlex, Sanjay Shetty & Nitesh Tiwari. Eros is presenting the film.

In an industry where most actress shy away from any mature roles, and even the actresses from previous generation doesn’t want to play any mother/sister role, it’s quite brave of Swara to take up the challenge. Some of us have seen the film. An assured debut by Ashwiny, it’s a heartwarming film backed by good writing and sincere performances.

Nil Battey Sannata releases on 22nd April, 2016.

The much awaited trailer of Kanu Behl’s debut feature ‘Titli’ is finally out. The film has been doing the fest rounds for quite some time, and has been talked about since its Cannes premiere last year. Finally,  it’s all set to release on October 30th, 2015.

Produced by Dibakar Banerjee Productions and Yash Raj Films, Titli features Ranvir Shorey, Amit Sial, Lalit Behl, and newcomers Shashank Arora and Shivani Raghuvanshi in lead roles. And here’s the official synopsis of the film –

In the badlands of Delhi’s dystopic underbelly, Titli, the youngest member of a violent car-jacking brotherhood plots a desperate bid to escape the ‘family’ business.
His struggle to do so is countered at each stage by his indignant brothers, who finally try marrying him off to ‘settle’ him.

Titli, finds an unlikely ally in his new wife, caught though she is in her own web of warped reality and dysfunctional dreams. They form a strange, beneficial partnership, only to confront their inability to escape the bindings of their family roots.  But is escape, the same as freedom?

The makers also released a new poster of the film for its India release.


10409588_391302141077650_8545138430389074028_nWith Vicky Kaushal getting rave reviews for his debut performance in Neeraj Ghaywan’s Masaan, it seems like the perfect time to launch the first look of another film starring him – debutant Mozez Singh’s Zubaan.

The film has Vicky Kaushal, Sarah Jane Dias, Manish Chaudhary, Meghna Malik and Raaghav Chanana in lead roles.

The official FB page has only one line description so far – Zubaan is a coming-of-age musical drama about a young man who has a fear of Music!

Do check out the trailer.



Story & Directed by: Mozez Singh
Produced by: Guneet Monga, Shaan Vyas, Mozez Singh
DOP: Swapnil Sonawane
Editor: Deepa Bhatia
Action: Sham Kaushal
Sound Design: Anthony Ruban
Screenplay: Thani, Sumit Roy, Mozez Singh
Dialogues: Sumit Roy
Music: Ashutosh Phatak
Additional Songs: Ishq Bector-­‐Shree d, Manraj Patar
Lyrics: Surjit Patar(Punjabi), Varun Grover(Hindi)
Costumes-: Aki Narula
Production Designer: KhyateeKanchan
Choreography: Uma‐Gaiti

For more info, FB page is here, and Twitter feed is here.

बस इतना ही कहना है कि आज पिंजरा खुल रहा है। 3 साल की चप्पल घिसाई, घुड़सवारी, हवाबाज़ी, खुद को बहलाना, आपस में लड़ना, ट्रेनों के दरवाजों पर बैठे गुज़रते हुए गाँवों को देखते हुए किसी उलझे सीन को सुलझाना और ये भी सोचना कौनसा साला ये फिल्म बनने ही वाली है, बार बार बनारस के चक्कर और हर चक्कर में कम लौंगलता खाना ये सोच के कि बनारस तो अभी फिर आना है – के बाद आज सबका कुल जमा देश भर में फैली 240 स्क्रीनों पर टूटते तारों सा बिखर जायेगा।

बस इतना कहना है कि कुछ खास नहीं है कि इस फ़िल्म में अनेकों लोग शुरू से ही जुड़े हैं (मैं, रिचा, अविनाश, नितिन) – नाबालिग़ उमर के आशिकों की तरह – कई फ़िल्मों में जुड़े होते हैं। लेकिन ये खास है कि उनमें से बहुतों की ये पहली फ़िल्म है – नीरज घायवान, नितिन बैद, श्रुति कपूर, विक्की कौशल, श्वेता त्रिपाठी, और एक तरह से मेरी और अविनाश अरुण की भी। पहली फ़िल्म का नशा एक ही बार होता है, यही नियति है। पहले चुम्बन की तरह। ठीक से समझ भी नहीं आता कि हो क्या रहा है पर बहुत डिवाइन लगता है।

पूरी याद्दाश्त और पूरी कायनात मिटा के फिर शुरू करनी पड़ेगी अगर पहली फ़िल्म का कष्ट-रूपी आनंद दोबारा लेना है तो।

और जाते जाते बस इतना ही कहना है जो एक बार संजय मिश्रा जी ने कहा था – उम्मीद तो अपने बच्चों से भी नहीं करनी चाहिए, तो फ़िल्म से क्यों करें। रिव्यूज़ सुंदर आ गए हैं, कुछ शहरों में लग गयी है शिवजी की कृपा से, मार्केटिंग का खेला अपनी गति और दशा से चल रहा है, और ले-देकर फ़िल्म अब हमारे हाथ से गैस से टंच भरे गुब्बारे की तरह छूट चुकी है।

बचपन में जितना मज़ा गुब्बारे को हाथ में धागे से लपेटे रहने पर आता था, उतना ही उसे छोड़ देने पर भी। एक बार दुःख होता था – बिदाई हमेशा कठिन होती है – लेकिन एक अजीब सी खुशी भी ये देखकर कि वो उड़ा जा रहा है दूर किसी ऐसे आसमान जहाँ हम कभी नहीं जा सकते।

आँख से ओझल होता हुआ… बड़ा सा गुब्बारा जो हमारे हाथ में था अब एक बिन्दु से भी छोटा। आँख बस एक बार हटाई और ग़ायब!

– वरुण ग्रोवर

(“Our Roger Ebert wins Pulitzer” – Remember that image of Ebert holding the newspaper with this headline? No? Here.  I always thought what immense pride that one word “our” must have added. Similarly, it’s time for us to say Masaan is by “OUR” Neeraj Ghaywan and Varun Grover. Do watch it in theatres. It’s limited release but if you try, you can manage for that odd show timing too. This one deserves that little effort. Also, we are posting here 4 beautiful posters sketched in Madhubani style by Grover’s better half, Raj Kumari.)





Here’s the good new for film buffs. If you missed Chaitanya Tamhane’s much acclaimed debut feature, Court, at Mumbai Film Festival, you can catch it in theatres now. The film is all set to release on April 17th, 2015.

A new terrific trailer of the film is out too. Have a look.

It’s been doing the fest rounds for quite some time and bagged some of the international prestigious awards at Venice and other fests. At the recently announced National Awards, the film has been adjudged the Best Feature Film. For a debut feature filmmaker, this is a dream run and it can’t get better than this.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Vira Sathidar, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Pradeep Joshi, Usha Bane
Directed by: Chaitanya Tamhane
Produced by: Zoo Entertainment
World Sales: Memento Film International – Artscope

Official Synopsis:

A sewerage worker’s dead body is found inside a manhole in Mumbai. An ageing folk singer is tried in court on charges of abetment of suicide. He is accused of performing an inflammatory song which might have incited the worker to commit the act. As the trial unfolds, the personal lives of the lawyers and the judge involved in the case are observed outside the court.